Justice speaks the truth


Justice is blind

with ears covered

Mercy is shocked

with mouth covered


Justice gives nothing

and takes it all.

Mercy takes nothing

and gives it all.


Mercy listens with respect

and convenes with a fiat

Justice will not hear of it

and adjourns with a quid pro quo


Mercy opens a dialogue,

“Here I am”

Justice closes the book

“Guilty” or “Not Guilty”


Mercy truly listens






Bold Goal

I was summoned to the Office;

a call had come from corporate.

I knew no good can come of this.


Cautiously I entered the room,

and sat down hoping against hope,

that I could walk on the water.

Alas, the message was of doom;

and, no one could throw me a rope.

My own words lead me to slaughter.


I was flayed by corporate’s rod

and wallowed there in self-pity.

“They” could care less about the why –

Function follows form for façade.

Yes, compliance make things pretty,

I wrote rules, I cannot defy.


“Don’t they know; this is an outrage?

I’ve forgotten more than they know!

Why do they have it in for me?”

“It’s true, then, you’re on your own page,

you take the lead and they follow.

Tell me, how’s that working for you?”


“I’ve lost the battle and the war.

I see the error of my way!

OK, fine I can change it back.”

“Wait, not so fast, you must do more,

it’s a pound of flesh, you must pay,

sing their song to avoid the sack.


Reverse the clout of the gossip,

and call them to change the subject.”

There is magic in listening –

From fond feeling flows fellowship.

“Hey, big guy, your plan is perfect,

your scheme is worth remembering.”


Lesson learned, it’s all good, again,

back in charge of my destiny.

“Through adversity comes enlightenment.”

I Have a Dream

Your young shall have visions,

and your old will dream dreams.

stand there to do something.


Listen to the silence.

Listen to the rancor.

Listen to my neighbor.

Listen to my shadow.


I live life in discord;

Love love in harmony.

I stop to smell blossoms,

I pause to welcome all.


Wait for all to keep up.

Wait and begin again.

Wait and change the end.

Wait for community


We can put up with us.

We can take care of us.

Alternative Facts

Don’t piss on my shoes and say it’s raining,

duplicity is the real terrorist.


We see, if you disagree, “you’re fired”.

We hear, if you cause problems, you’re gone.

Blow smoke up his ass and you’re admired.


“Mandated” by the skin of his tooth,

with factless frenzy, he betrays what’s real.

It’s his truth and nothing but self-served truth.


Un-resilient he must have agreement,

he tweets “I know you are but what am I”,

and then demands respectful testament.


He does not listen and speaks with forked tongue.

It is his hubris that troubles me most:

despite his bottom’s line, his crap is dung.


The extreme vetting is so ironic,

he issues orders like he’s herding cats

and disenfranchises with the sardonic.


Resistance might be pissing in the wind,

and trusting this gilded narcissist rough.

Let Go, Let God

It’s hard to give over control,

as if, I ever had control.

It’s hard to say, “I’ve lost control”,

assuming I was in control.


I’ve noticed some just want answers,

and there are really no answers.

I’ve noticed some make up answers,

despite questions without answers.


I cannot create solutions

grasping at straws aren’t solutions.

I cannot scope out solutions

best laid plans don’t make solutions.


Letting go takes a lot of work

exhausting and soul-jarring work.

Letting go goes beyond my work

it requires soul-searching work.


In time of trouble, “Let it be”.

I cannot construe, “Let it be”.

In time of triumph, “Let it be”.

giving Her credit, “Let it be”.

Q & A

The questions we ask make the answers we get.

So, we must pay attention and listen first.

Being ruled by the numbers, misses ourselves.

Calculated assessment is meaningless


Rain measured in volume and duration

makes life an endless series of droughts and floods.

Soaked by the rain and absorbing its wetness,

be filled with life as we share being blessed.


Work reckoned by earnings, hours, and title

makes life a servile drudgery without joy.

Humpday and Friday are opportunities

to enhance the community with our presence.


Trees judged by height and girth of branches and trunk

makes life a process of selfish timbering.

Following their lead, embrace the breath of God,

thereby know from whence we came and where we go.


Home compared in square foot and number of rooms

makes life futile competition with next door.

Homemade completes all for one and one for all.

Simple harmony treasures love of neighbor.


“Compliance is not for compliance sake.

Compliance is really for student’s sake.”


To be a school, there must be students.

To be a good school, they must be engaged.

Engaged students need an engaged school.


Regardless of results, students come first.

What they see, and what they do, prepares them,

not just for work, but for play and life, too.


Hence, the Self Evaluation Report

documents truly how the school does this,

and gives the commission a look inside,


and then, the On-site Visit demonstrates

that what we say is indeed what we do,

making clear that the words and the vibe match.


The final action of the commission,

assess whether the performance-based course

produces satisfying achievements.


Thus bringing to fruition the “will-do”

and confirming the school is a credit.

Play with Heart

To be one with effort

takes skill and synergy,

which means I must practice.


I give it all I’ve got –

to be in harmony

with the impossible.


It takes all that I am –

to do what can’t be done,

to enjoy the moment.


My body aches, my heart

races, my mind empties –

I’m beyond exhausted.


I push myself past pain

and find more stamina –

poetry in motion.


Done – I humbly relax,

my response is measured

with confidence, “I’m fine”.


Before going out into the world,

I mirror-gaze to see what is seen,

and then open the door and go forth.


Before engaging with another,

I stop and look intently for them;

and then, in peace I bow discreetly


Before encroaching into your space,

I step forward with my arm outstretched;

and then, embrace with my heart kissing.


These are my rituals for what is,

they set me up for truth and oneness,

to revel in our community.


Yes, I can’t just barge into the zone.

I must give time and space to enter

harmony with the environment.


The glare can be intense and sunglasses tempting;

but, I resist protecting my eyes in favor

of enduring the blinding brightness of insight.


In due course, sunglasses do serve a good purpose;

but, put on too early they hurt more than they help

for they shield the eyes from absorbing the true light.


When donned correctly sunglasses safeguard vision,

allowing the perceiver to enjoy the view

without exposing the wearer to pupil’s plight


So sunglasses can help but intent is the key,

they’re not protection from the ultraviolet rays,

but rather, to engage harmony’s bright delight


I wear sunglasses basking in radiant joy,

affording the windows of the soul a safe view

and giving me the confidence of graceful sight.