Redeemer (Psalm 88)

Our Mother, Queen of Heaven, hold me, day and night I feel like I am all alone. I pray that you will embrace me; please turn to me, listen to my cry.   For my soul is full of trouble and my life is seemingly hopeless I am in the Pit; I have lost my […]

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Sympathizer (Psalm 11)

With my Lady and my God I feel safe. So no way will I flee like a bird. The willful lay in wait, yes, and they hide in the shadows ready to hurt those who are faithful. It might seem an impossible situation, you may even be shaken in your core. Fear not God is […]

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She is above the law and does not wear a badge. she is beyond the rule and does not need a shield. With wide open eyes, she mocks blind justice. With wide open arms, she gives peace and mercy. Without empty threats, she feels my pain with me. Without leaving a scar, she uses a […]

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