Let Go, Let God

It’s hard to give over control,
as if, I ever had control.
It’s hard to say, “I’ve lost control”,
assuming I was in control.

I’ve noticed some just want answers,
and there are really no answers.
I’ve noticed some make up answers,
despite questions without answers.

I cannot create solutions
grasping at straws aren’t solutions.
I cannot scope out solutions
best laid plans don’t make solutions.

Letting go takes a lot of work
exhausting and soul-jarring work.
Letting go goes beyond my work
it requires soul-searching work.

In time of trouble, “Let it be”.
I cannot construe, “Let it be”.
In time of triumph, “Let it be”.
giving Her credit, “Let it be”.



I hold onto being held –
let go without letting go.
Happiness is within reach
of open palm and spread arms

A closed hand makes a clenched fist,
which neither points or picks up
An extended hand shares life –
halving sorrows and doubling joy.

Embrace the Force that’s with us –
God’s presence is always present
Love is touching and feeling;
and hugging is hearts kissing.

The trees have leafy branches –
Elephants have flexing trunks –
Whales have soft underbellies –
All embrace our Mother’s love.

So to be heard listen well,
to be seen look carefully,
to be touched grasp intently,
to be loved share grace and peace.


Dress the part
Be the role

Team players dress in locker rooms
Putting on the uniform
All for one and one for all

Civil servants dress in precincts
Wearing badges on the chest
protecting and serving

Celebrants dress in sacristies
Donning multicolor vestments
Welcoming all to the table

Cooks dress in kitchens
Tying aprons and placing hats
Nourishing body and soul

Dancers dress in back rooms
Outfitting in suits and shoes
Beauty in motion

Talk the talk
Walk the walk


She is above the law
and does not wear a badge.
she is beyond the rule
and does not need a shield.

With wide open eyes,
she mocks blind justice.
With wide open arms,
she gives peace and mercy.

Without empty threats,
she feels my pain with me.
Without leaving a scar,
she uses a velvet glove.

True to the alchemy,
she transforms love to life.
True to the incarnation,
she instills life with love.

Being of nothingness,
Force to be reckoned with,
Mother, daughter, sister
Wisely says, “Let it be.”

… with the eyes of God

Seeing with the eyes of God,
I peer through my own façade.

Accepting my personal role,
I wonder what does God see
through the window of my soul.

Listening without deflection,
I shudder in realizing,
I am divine reflection.

The beauty of the flower
is its awesome blossoming,
standing tall in a shower.

While watching without winking,
God’s eyes gleam with gentleness.
So, I stare without blinking.

God’s eyes focus the blurry.
With eyes wide shut, God says,
be happy and don’t worry.

With God’s eyes, love is not blind.
With God’s eyes, mercy is kind.

Joy and Sadness

Joy and Sadness go hand in hand.
Sadness without Joy is despair.
Joy without Sadness is cheeky.

Sadness is vital to Joy’s joy,
adversity provides comfort,
loss increases happiness.

Joy is vital to Sad’s sadness,
confidence overcomes distress,
gain often only comes through pain.

Sadness makes Joy’s joy real,
hope listens with an open heart,
rosy lenses shield helpless eyes.

Joy makes Sad’s sadness real,
teary eyes are gently dabbed dry,
furrowed foreheads are unwrinkled.

Joy and Sadness go hand in hand,
Sadness with Joy is complete,
Joy with Sadness is total.

Washing the Dishes

The dishes lay there –
left to languish –
frustrated from their purpose.

Left there in the sink –
disrespected –
the stainless steel bowl besmirched.

Sudsing up is good –
reincarnates –
they so want to be useful.

Then too, soiled is good –
real fulfilling –
unsullied is not service.

Cleaning is for them-
Redemption –
as for me it is Practice.