It was a harsh winter record snows record lows I absorb the sun’s warmth enjoying the kindness I am content It was a harsh winter money woes money blows I bask in the sun’s brightness peacefully enlightened I am at peace It was a harsh winter wrinkled toes wrinkled nose I rest with the sun […]

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The way is always through. Of course, this is nothing new. Sometimes I wait in silence, hoping the door will open on its own without offense. Alas, I must move again. But, my entry is blocked. Sheer strength will not make it give, I am closed and it is locked. Change I must if I’m […]

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Bold Goal

I was summoned to the Office; a call had come from corporate. I knew no good can come of this. Cautiously I entered the room, and sat down hoping against hope, that I could walk on the water. Alas, the message was of doom; and, no one could throw me a rope. My own words […]

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Let Go Let God

It’s hard to give over control, as if, I ever had control. It’s hard to say, “I’ve lost control”, assuming I was in control. I’ve noticed some just want answers, and there are really no answers. I’ve noticed some make up answers, despite questions without answers. I cannot create solutions grasping at straws aren’t solutions. […]

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Some hardly work and are lucky, some work hard and are lucky, some have just no luck at all. Some cannot get lucky, some do not believe in luck, some really rely on luck. I believe that luck is made, such as making the plane, which is more than happenchance. Happy lucky has no regard […]

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The Will of God

“Don’t worry,” the young one said, “I’m getting to you by the labyrinth.” There is a lesson in these words – I want to be told, what to do, to be clear on my directions; but as I walk life’s labyrinth, it is clear that is not the case. So, these words teach and assure […]

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By Chance

“The more i practice, the luckier I get.” (Arnold Palmer) I asked Her “Where am I, I feel lost and asea?” She did not answer – I did not feel at home. So, I said, “Here I am, I am, who I am” Now, She answered and made me happy I asked Her, “what’s up, […]

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Alternative Facts

Don’t piss on my shoes and say it’s raining, duplicity is the real terrorist. We see, if you disagree, “you’re fired”. We hear, if you cause problems, you’re gone. Blow smoke up his ass and you’re admired. “Mandated” by the skin of his tooth, with factless frenzy, he betrays what’s real. It’s his truth and […]

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I am who I am, I stand here and now. I loathe the dark and accept my shadow. I love the light and confuse clarity. Sometimes my heart conspires with my will. Sometimes my mind overrules my body. I straddle the truth. I live there and then. Resistance is futile, to plan pointless. To prepare […]

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Fear Itself

No one knows but me my fear No one cares or sheds a tear. To look with cursory glance, one would not have an inkling of my distress or trembling. Shoulders straight and chest held high, I walk with calm assurance playing an all-is-well stance. Alone in my room I cringe and anxiously I wallow […]

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