Silent Night

I know that I don’t know, as I kneel at the manger with my hands folded His birth is the sacrifice that saves His being is for the time being His doing is for my undoing Now and then “He came to his own country, but his own people did not receive him.” Yes, he […]

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but what if…

To embrace our sacred Truth, cling to cleanliness of heart, it’s purity is for real. The willful and arrogant are impure and self absorbed, they only fake it, really. “Modesty has flown the world and decency is scoffed at” thus, the Truth is subverted. “I must do what’s right for me” is the credo of […]

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’til Death Do Us Part

the Fruit of the womb blossoms in the tomb death-birth miracles Life and Love circles the Fruit of the womb beginning death’s loom breaths of living death lives of dying breath blossoms in the tomb thus is our full bloom as above reflects so below reflects death-birth miracles highly impractical order and chaos balanced by […]

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Dying You Destroyed Our Death

The cross opens a reverse pathway For our redemption Make us not one, not two “From that time the Disciple took her To live in his home” Seal the breach The cross for some is an object of shame and horror but it’s not and it is Stitch the wound The cross for some is […]

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