The Invisible

Originally posted on MaddogPoetry:
Unseen but apparent, harmony is invisible. The unseen is worth no words, and silence is golden Heartbreak and joy reveal the whole picture of creation, beyond image and likeness, and less than from nothing. I sit in silence to see clearly. We chant as one to focus well. Alone together, She…

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Shortstop (Derek Jeter)

Originally posted on MaddogPoetry:
We sing in unison, then settle in to “Play ball” He turns and squats before Her, he bows his head and prays “Help me”, he asks silently, “I beg you, keep me whole.” Ready, he springs to his feet, filled with Her mercy He plays with abandon on his toes He…

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Silent Night

I know that I don’t know, as I kneel at the manger with my hands folded His birth is the sacrifice that saves His being is for the time being His doing is for my undoing Now and then “He came to his own country, but his own people did not receive him.” Yes, he […]

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but what if…

To embrace our sacred Truth, cling to cleanliness of heart, it’s purity is for real. The willful and arrogant are impure and self absorbed, they only fake it, really. “Modesty has flown the world and decency is scoffed at” thus, the Truth is subverted. “I must do what’s right for me” is the credo of […]

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