Consoled-Psalm 101 (next day repost)

I sing of your love and mercy;    You, my Lady, and my God. I am careful to lead a life worthy of Your love —    I follow my heart and feel safe in Your house. I hate faithlessness    and will not keep the fickle company. I get angry when I hear slanderContinue reading “Consoled-Psalm 101 (next day repost)”

Abiding in Love (next day repost)

All that I am and all that I do is Yours. I yield to Your presence, I surrender to Your will, I abide in Your love I treasure Your blessings and revel in Your grace. I reflect Your truth and goodness. You have restored me to oneness with you. Embrace me fully. You give meContinue reading “Abiding in Love (next day repost)”

House of the Lord (Psalm 15)

My Lady,    Who may live in the House of Love?    Who may dwell in your Presence? Those who walk in your Way,    and who stand for what is right and good. Those who speak the Truth from their heart,    and have no deception in their action. Those who put up withContinue reading “House of the Lord (Psalm 15)”

A Mother’s Love (Psalm 61)

Dear Mother, hear my cry;    listen to my prayer. I call to you,    my heart aches;    give me peace and equanimity. You are my safe harbor,    protect me and shield me. I long to rest assured in your presence    and relax in the harmony of creation. I will keep myContinue reading “A Mother’s Love (Psalm 61)”

Tincture of Time

What if…? Can subdue study – Can weaken resolve – Can reduce practice – Good answer – accept change and admit chance with watchful waiting Good answer – review outcome and transform firmness with attentive imagining Good answer – transfigure presence and metamorphose life with heartfelt expecting Final answer – affect with a slight amountContinue reading “Tincture of Time”

Use Me

(Based on the Prayer of St Francis of Assisi) O God, Make me an instrument of the Spirit; where there is bias, openness; where there is intransigence, reconciliation; where there is hesitancy, zeal; where there is judgment, compassion; where there is fear, peace; where there is selfishness, love. O God, Help me to confront prejudiceContinue reading “Use Me”