The Indifference virtue is not one of passivity but rather of activity. Conventional wisdom says Indifference is lethargic with apathy and doubtfulness. Epiphanic wisdom says Indifference is energetic with listening and non-judgment. Ironically, Indifference realizes proper submission and grateful poverty of spirit. Heartily, Indifference forges a blessed discernment and graced responsibility.


“The greatest among you will be your servant. Those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.”[1] Human ambition dreams… Glory and legacy are elusive though, and their testimony is mute for those who moved hearts for themselves. Human ambition strives… The world’s hall of fame is exclusive though,Continue reading “Ambition”


An expectation can be misunderstood, and, after the fact, it feels like an undue demand. Incomplete communication… can become a blustery exchange – clueless cross words. The root of the problem is oftentimes a false notion from an incomplete conversation. To listen after speaking is important for being heard clearly, and makes for proper reacting.Continue reading “MisCommunication”


All for one, one for all – my responsibility makes community. Harmony is not lock-step… asks for listening and honesty, celebrates dialogue from all viewpoints. Community is a power for good, always supporting the common good, sustaining the greater good in all ways. Awareness of Presence… gives us inclusion and indifference, allows everyone to beContinue reading “Community”