Hear with Heart

My hardened heart must hear the cry of distress
my neighbor is in need, I have-to respond,
it does not take an earth-shaking miracle

“Pray to be filled with compassion, with pity,
with charity for all… come down quickly
from the mountain of conceit”

The marginalized just want to be heard,
I must say, “I am willing” with my whole heart
the healing is in Listening

The abandoned are voiceless from screaming
I realize to change I must be willing to be changed
the miracle is in Acceptance

To get home, we must lean on each other,
and walk together as companions,
inseparable union begins with Trust


We sing in unison, then
settle in to “Play ball”

He turns and squats before Her,
he bows his head and prays

“Help me”, he asks silently,
“I beg you, keep me whole.”

Ready, he springs to his feet,
filled with Her mercy

He plays with abandon
on his toes

He plays gracefully
with his heart

For the love of the game,
plays with Joy

She plays with him,
so, Life goes.

He does and does not,
there is no try.

For praying with him,
he tips his cap.


“…every good gift and every perfect present,
is bestowed upon us by the Creator of Light…”

It’s a waste for me to hoard my gifts,
I must unwrap and be present and
in that “nakedness” let the Light shine.

I must treasure the gifts as priceless
blessings, and share these holy graces.
For, it’s better to give than receive.

Long ago, my youth’s selfish heart was:
captivated by important gifts
enchanted by significant gifts

No more, I smile at my folly then:
captivated by my importance
enchanted by my significance

The mirror of giftedness broke, and
the shards of reflection gave me pause:
joy was not found in the pretty bow.

Getting it is in giving away.
Wisdom, strength, and courage are real when
in my openness I harmonize.

“We must be ever attentive to the
Spirit, asking fervently… for constant help
to have our heart’s desires”

So, I live by this law of Light: lead
with my heart and full presence will follow.


“Where is the one that is born king of the Jews?
For we have seen his star in the East”

The three wise magi came bearing gifts
they were lead by their hearts and a star
bringing tidings of comfort and joy

Presenting their presents and leaving.
We do not know where they came from or
like the wandering wind where they went.

They were illumined and enlightened
with sciences and philosophy,
trusted counselors and advisors.

A truth had been handed down to them:
our majesty would be born under
a star whose light would shine on the Light

“A king would come, who would renovate
and make all things right. His advent would
be the appearance of a strikingly brilliant star”

we’re still today in awe of their trek
their commitment to that heartfelt truth
their unyielding seeking for the Light

they found a stable drenched in light and
humbly entered the humble abode
leaving gold, frankincense, and myrrh gifts

The baby they found changed everything,
and those gifts they brought are for us, too.

Silent Night

I know that I don’t know, as I kneel
at the manger with my hands folded

His birth is the sacrifice that saves
His being is for the time being
His doing is for my undoing

Now and then “He came to his own country, but
his own people did not receive him.”
Yes, he breaks my heart and heals my soul

Ask with reckless humility for
the blessings to embrace his presence
the grace to share his forsakenness

Now and then “He came in such a lowly way.
He came to the lowly, and for the lowly…
a heart for the lowly” for my unworthy heart

He taught to serve always in all ways,
side by side, hand in hand, heart to heart —
to live simply by simply living

Now and then “The glamour and delusions
of the world, beguile us, so much
as to make sweet the patronizing… ”

Learn to steward the co-creation,
and be in harmony with Beauty
with acceptance and serenity.

Graced and blessed I silently bow; and,
knowing I’m the lowly; rest assured.

The Eyes Have It

I really do hate the double standard;
I’d rather be held to a high standard

“All you need is love” our hearts do acclaim;
but, familiarities our tight lips defame.
Our fear of intimacy is a shame.

Indeed, our souls espouse equality;
but, our thoughts betray with duplicity —
ironic confidentiality.

On the one hand, let me give you a hand;
on the other hand, I do need a hand.
We are so afraid to walk hand in hand.

In my heart, I must choose to take your side;
but often, I decide to not reside.
To get along, I must work side by side.

My hopes include that someone has my back;
and, too true, what happens behind my back —
unhappily cannot be taken back.

When I’m stuck in the labyrinth riddle,
the only way to get to the middle
is to turn around at the eye of the needle.

Lead with the heart and the soul will follow.
Lead with the head and the soul will fallow.
Heartfulness is wisdom’s soulful fellow.

While peering through my windows of the soul,
I accept the view of another’s soul

Me and You

I really do not want to do this;
but, I am vulnerable to you.

“Enjoy you” – really

Can’t I just enjoy my other-ness?
It’s too hard; joy’s pain of incomplete.
It’s not worth joy’s hurt of won’t-last.

What about on-the-ground reality?
Truth is, I’m always left with “sad”;
because, the “happy” is so fleeting.

Why are you asking me to do this?
How is it possible, you do this?
It’s difficult to see the way through.

“Enjoy you” – really

How is it that you so enjoy it?
Indeed, I’m blocked!.. and have no way through.
So, I must turn in Life’s labyrinth.

I believe in this place; I’m led to.
It’s not the same stuff just rearranged;
it’s not falling apart at the seams.

It’s where I hear inaudible moans
and listen with care to silent cries.
My heart is free and my soul awake.

I – really – enjoy you.