Some hardly work and are lucky, some work hard and are lucky, some have just no luck at all. Some cannot get lucky, some do not believe in luck, some really rely on luck. I believe that luck is made, such as making the plane, which is more than happenchance. Happy lucky has no regard […]

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Justice speaks the truth Justice is blind with ears covered Mercy is shocked with mouth covered Justice gives nothing and takes it all. Mercy takes nothing and gives it all. Mercy listens with respect and convenes with a fiat Justice will not hear of it and adjourns with a quid pro quo Mercy opens a […]

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I exhaled a silent sigh, not an “aha”; it was “ahh”. With my eyes wide shut, I winced – I breathed in the restlessness while abating awakeness. I stood there, laying prostrate – I absorbed the energy, embracing the confusion. Reflecting my shadow self, the sun and the moon appear and emerge my nothingness. Spiritually […]

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Life and Light – Weak and Bright – Strong and Slight – Death and Night The Word abides Without; we all suffer as one. The sacred Heart enjoins our every fiber. Oneness and Fulfillment is not blocked by levels. Listen, our silent Sun opens the unlocked Door. The Word ascends Below; we all suffer as […]

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Burning initially, it sheds light, a beacon of Hope for darkness. Burning intensely, its radiance pierces, diminishing itself for wholeness. Burning incessantly, it flickers with poise, illuminating the way for oneness. Burning intently, its gaze dances, with uneven bursts for fullness. Burning innately, it lives its life without a sound for calmness.

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Hear with Heart

My hardened heart must hear the cry of distress my neighbor is in need, I have-to respond, it does not take an earth-shaking miracle “Pray to be filled with compassion, with pity, with charity for all… come down quickly from the mountain of conceit” The marginalized just want to be heard, I must say, “I […]

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We sing in unison, then settle in to “Play ball” He turns and squats before Her, he bows his head and prays “Help me”, he asks silently, “I beg you, keep me whole.” Ready, he springs to his feet, filled with Her mercy He plays with abandon on his toes He plays gracefully with his […]

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“…every good gift and every perfect present, is bestowed upon us by the Creator of Light…” It’s a waste for me to hoard my gifts, I must unwrap and be present and in that “nakedness” let the Light shine. I must treasure the gifts as priceless blessings, and share these holy graces. For, it’s better […]

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“Where is the one that is born king of the Jews? For we have seen his star in the East” The three wise magi came bearing gifts they were lead by their hearts and a star bringing tidings of comfort and joy Presenting their presents and leaving. We do not know where they came from […]

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Silent Night

I know that I don’t know, as I kneel at the manger with my hands folded His birth is the sacrifice that saves His being is for the time being His doing is for my undoing Now and then “He came to his own country, but his own people did not receive him.” Yes, he […]

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