Once and for all wholeness –
or all for one oneness
Perfection of being –
or reflecting meaning.

The first a higher call
asks one to find a way;
despite failure and fall,
to become what but may.

The second a consort
lets one travel the path;
Asea without a port,
less the power of math.

So I could stride alone
or we strive together.
chanting a lonesome moan –
or love without a tether.

One offers completion
and utter fulfillment;
the other communion,
and realized commitment.



A most pleasing gift is piety —
it’s faithful without anxiety,
submissive and yet non-demanding,
always prudent while promise keeping.

I want to be that pleasant present
and unwrap myself with assent,
not bowed with denial in my heart
to grieve the undone good of my part.

I regret the loss through my neglect,
and worse my self-serving disrespect,
“I rue piety that finds no time
for good towards others or the sublime”

I seize the joy of my carefulness
and even more so my gratefulness.
As I am disposed; so, I am filled
with good towards all and Love instilled.

Thus honored and blessed to share the light;
I must be present and in plain sight.
I have been chosen to do some good
to understand the misunderstood

Common Life

Shoulder to shoulder, cheek by jowl
arm in arm, hand in hand

Love of God, neighbor, and self
in union with each other.
Zealous, holy, and graceful
not one, not two, together.

Share the have and the have-not,
bring something to the table.
Easy lefts and rigid rights,
rest assured something happens.

Keep the good news in your heart
with it “Sanctify your soul…
and measure and square and set
every thought and word and action”

Indeed the need of the one
is the want of the many.
And too, the want of the one
is the need of the many.

Practice peaceful piety
with mindful meditation
with spiritual reading
with reverence and unity

“Many wonders and signs were done,
all had all things in common.”


Sitting there in the Square
ruined and disheveled,
cloaked in drab failure,
passers by pass by

One stops and stoops
and with extended hand
says, “Tell me about it,”
and sits to listen.

“I took the coin
and I ran, spending it all
without care, and by myself,
I was a winner.

Now, look at me,
I am wrecked, I have nowhere
to go, and no one to see,
I am so ashamed.”

“I feel your pain,
you are so down for the count
and there is no magic wand
to make it OK

All is not lost,
but there ‘ain’t nothin easy’
the past does not dictate
the future, you do.

Be happy, and follow your heart,
your here is on the ground,
your now is letting go
your joy is mercy”

Their eyes locked,
and they embraced the moment.
Feeling worthwhile, they parted
to each their own way.


“Service, generous endless service,
only true reverence will suffice.”
giving kindness, even sacrifice,
keeps me calm and not to be nervous.

Yes, friendship’s cost I sometimes lament,
it demands much and can be painful;
and, often makes me cross and woeful.
Such false self-love in that moment.

No, that moment calls for self-giving
and expects self-ease to suffer much;
and, this denial puts me in touch
with how bearing loss is transforming.

“Listen, unless one hates their own life
one can never be my follower.
Walk with me to be my follower.
and fully embrace the joy of strife”

Aggh, giving all tugs at my heart strings;
and, a complete letting go of self.
When I put me on rejection’s shelf,
then, do I see what that moment brings.

Truth is: grace is not ours to possess.
It’s Beauty’s choice with which we are blessed.
So, I give my all, and don’t protest;
it’s in service I have happiness.

Alone With


be not

in the sky,
the moment,
on the ground

alone, with friends,
to mountain go,
and pray with them
in their presence

be oh so happy
and be oh so sad,
submit and obey,
never be the same
woozy wobbly be

Love’s shining Light
in union are,
not one not two
with companions

take care of,
put up with

I’m pleased
with you


Breaking Bread

We humbly break bread in remembrance
we honor and bless our holy one

For giving us
our complete fullness,
our reverse pathway,
our nourishing meal,

“Through the Holy Eucharist
He unites himself to us to
nourish our souls with divine life”

We humbly break bread in remembrance
we honor and bless our redeemer

Forgiving us
our ungraciousness
our selfish sharing
our irreverence

“If one part suffers all the parts suffer.
If one part is honored
all the parts share the joy.”

We humbly break bread in remembrance
we honor and bless our holy one

For giving us
our preparation
our separation
our reparation

Blessed is the meal we share;
our sorrows are halved, and
our joys are doubled.

In communion be not one not two
Do to all as you want done to you