Hopes (next day repost)

(based on Anima Christi by Ignatius Loyola) Breath of the Spirit, inspire me Body and Blood of Christ, nurture me Bounty of the Creator, sustain me Zealous Christ, strengthen me Sacrificed Christ, save me Risen Christ, restore me Your fiat moves me Your acceptance assures me Your perseverance encourages me Your wounds preserve me. HelpContinue reading “Hopes (next day repost)”

House of the Lord (Psalm 15)

My Lady,    Who may live in the House of Love?    Who may dwell in your Presence? Those who walk in your Way,    and who stand for what is right and good. Those who speak the Truth from their heart,    and have no deception in their action. Those who put up withContinue reading “House of the Lord (Psalm 15)”