I Have a Dream

Your young shall have visions,
and your old will dream dreams.

I bend but do not snap.
Stumble but do not fall.
The way through is to trust;
stand there to do something.

Listen to the silence.
Listen to the rancor.
Listen to my neighbor.
Listen to my shadow.

I live life in discord;
Love love in harmony.
I stop to smell blossoms,
I pause to welcome all.

Wait for all to keep up.
Wait and begin again.
Wait and change the end.
Wait for community

We can put up with us.
We can take care of us.



The way is always through.
Of course, this is nothing new.

Sometimes I wait in silence,
hoping the door will open
on its own without offense.
Alas, I must move again.

But, my entry is blocked.
Sheer strength will not make it give,
I am closed and it is locked.
Change I must if I’m to live.

If I stay I will smother
and languish in pure chagrin.
I could wait for another
and let them find the way in.

But, that is their way not mine.
I wish I knew what was there,
make a plan to force the line
that would make it easier.

OK, I must turn the knob
and enter despite the threat.
My heart heaves a heavy throb.
My body shudders with sweat.

Of course, this is nothing new.
The way is always through.


Waiting with patience for the scent,
the cat sat there calm and intent.
Eyes focused and breathing content;
she did not wonder what this meant.

Alone in the dark, poised for the pounce
waiting for the prey to announce,
she did not care who would renounce.
For mercy brings a happy bounce.

Alertly she ponders her nought;
but does not organize her thought:
the universal truth is not sought,
health and wellness cannot be bought.

Life continues thanks to tussle.
Undisturbed by other’s bustle,
she knows not to move a muscle;
but ready for the slightest rustle.

She holds firmly death’s dissonance’
and then shared life’s ripe resonance.
Thus blessed by her natural stance
happily she dances the dance.


No good becomes it; “to be or not to be”
Before befallen belittles, be still

Behaving because besmirches benignity
Besides bemuses, beneath betrays
Befitting bewails belongs behind

Bewitched beheading befuddles bewilderment
Begin believing beyond betwixt
Behest begets being befriended

Behalf beseeching bestows beauty
Between beloved behold be loved
Bemoan bereavement, beckon bequeathing

Begonias blooming be begonia’s bloom
“Let it be,” and “all will be well”, – It’s all good


The call to serve is simple:
“Do the will of the one who sends”

Submission stirs success.
Compliance creates concord.
Obedience grooms growth.
Deference defies discord.
Reverence requires rightness.

“Have confidence in your leaders
and submit to their authority,
for they keep watch over you…
Do this and their work is a joy, not a burden,
for that would be of no benefit to you”

“The self-willed person will say,
‘I will not serve,’ or
‘I will serve only so many times,’ or
‘I will serve only some time,
somewhere or so much.’ ”

Follow our will at our peril
‘our way or the highway’
leaves us on the side of the road
and no good can come of that
and destines us for the scrap heap.

Follow our heart and be happy
One and all, hand in hand
Leaves us all at the hallowed table
and only good comes of that
and destines us for graced blessings

The answer is simply this:
“With my whole-heart, I am all in.”


I’ve been here for a while.
There ain’t no way out,
I don’t see a way out.

There are always possibilities

There’s no sign of life.
It would seem I can’t get out,
I don’t see a way in.

Seize the moment, be the belief

This must be the end.
I’ll never hug again, never sleep again,
I don’t see any way at all

If you believe, you will see.

“Lazarus come out”

WIIFM (Inauguration Day

Regardless from behind the lectern,
He declares we will be great again

With a sharp tongue and bold promises,
he assures us he had the answers
and outlines a “wonderful” grand plan.

Regardless of treasured tradition,
he ignores intelligent pundits.
and ridicules the fourth estate.

Through his own admission of greatness,
and self-promotion of his success
he twitters his way into our lives

Regardless with abandon he demeans
the marginalized and handicapped,
and resonates with the “exurban”.

He cajoles we should follow his lead,
He demands we see with his eyes:
the golden rule is; what’s in it for me.

Regardless from his ivory tower,
declaration trumps diplomacy.