Good News

Paul says, “When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child…”   The truth was incomplete – the covenant was a contract. God’s intervention was a quid pro quo and my understanding was delusional.   “When I grew up…” I talk like a grown-up, […]

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With mouth and eyes agape, I am a change agent but not for changes sake. I stand for attention, and will take the hard right; rarely the easy left. I won’t belittle change with something less than change. With back straight and chest high, I can’t just do something. I stand there with a “Yes”; […]

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The Idea

“the thing is to find the truth which is true for me” Indeed, I am an idealist and I will tilt at windmills; however, I must keep it real. Some would rather be mad than pleased; some would rather worry than be happy. As for myself, I do not judge. Indeed, I am very loyal […]

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Alternative Facts

Don’t piss on my shoes and say it’s raining, duplicity is the real terrorist. We see, if you disagree, “you’re fired”. We hear, if you cause problems, you’re gone. Blow smoke up his ass and you’re admired. “Mandated” by the skin of his tooth, with factless frenzy, he betrays what’s real. It’s his truth and […]

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I am who I am, I stand here and now. I loathe the dark and accept my shadow. I love the light and confuse clarity. Sometimes my heart conspires with my will. Sometimes my mind overrules my body. I straddle the truth. I live there and then. Resistance is futile, to plan pointless. To prepare […]

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