i see my outlook in the water’s Reflection i pause and linger listening in Contemplation awed by vision’s breadth unlike a mirror the Wind plays with the image rippling with clarity squinting i focus the Image and Likeness realized restores fluency in peace i settle to Ruminate the appearance chewing on insight’s cud it isContinue reading “Reflection”

Greater Good

Disciplined imagination reflects God’s reflection. When I was a child, reward and punishment was activity’s pivot. When caught breaking the rules, absolution was sought through atonement and reparation. As a reflecting adult, compassion and sacrifice mirrors Divine mercy. The Beatitudes rule, communion is achieved through submission and grace. Common good relies on justice and seeksContinue reading “Greater Good”


Reflection is in solitary – wholeness for the self. Transcendence is for community – oneness in the other. Exploring the darkness despite fear… expectantly waiting. Imploring the lightness for respite peace… without demanding. Contemplation centers – twisting and turning mind and body. Rumination rounds – pushing and pulling  soul and heart. “Oops” affirms accountability andContinue reading “Mindfulness”