My Goal

I rest assured that             God puts up with me and takes care of me compelling me to respond with harmony. The goal of my life is             to do God’s will in the service of the greater good. My Creator asks me             to cultivate a relationship with the cosmos. I am one withContinue reading “My Goal”

Ask and Receive

My God’s intervention depends on intention; just like my submission is humble commission. Submission is open voice intervention does not foist. … I submit for approval God does not bamboozle. I abide by planning without manipulating. Yielding is submission. Joining is intervention. Ask and receive accesses and two standards addresses, good through expectation and badContinue reading “Ask and Receive”

IV  The Emperor

(based on Meditations on the Tarot by Anonymous) Submit freely and reflect Revelation. Renounce self-serving opinion, embrace the supreme Truth. “The Spirit of God was hovering, over a formless and empty earth” [1] the void – God made a space without his presence. The Emperor has pure authority… not with the spoils of the rod,Continue reading “IV  The Emperor”


My God, Why do good things             happen to bad people? The common good             protects and serves             but objectifies. My God, Why do bad things             happen to good people? The common good             provides law and order             but judges without compassion My God, How can I be indifferent             regardless ofContinue reading “Goodness”

xx Judgement

based on “Meditations on the Tarot” by Anonymous God’s will is our peace, not in passing away, rather, in the greater good of restoration “… your dead will live, their bodies will rise let those who dwell in the dust wake up and shout for joy…”[1] Made possible with reparation, life after death is notContinue reading “xx Judgement”


us loving God does not make us good. God loving us makes us good. Love changes – blessings count and graces exceed, we rise and we fall. For the common good, imprints and imposes a quid pro quo justice… and retribution rules. Love changes – mutations are random expressions of relationship. For the greater good,Continue reading “Evolution”

Forced Choice

Timing is everything – There are no absolutes… There are always possibilities… Choices must be made, though and our commitment complete. yes means “Yes” and no means “No”. Even so, discernment is not one-and-done. The Tempter appeals “I give you what you want, everything you have-to-have, holding nothing back.” Despite the benefit, regardless of intention,Continue reading “Forced Choice”


All for one, one for all – my responsibility makes community. Harmony is not lock-step… asks for listening and honesty, celebrates dialogue from all viewpoints. Community is a power for good, always supporting the common good, sustaining the greater good in all ways. Awareness of Presence… gives us inclusion and indifference, allows everyone to beContinue reading “Community”