Inauguration Day

Regardless from behind the lectern,

He declares we will be great again


With a sharp tongue and bold promises,

he assures us he had the answers

and outlines a “wonderful” grand plan.


Regardless of treasured tradition,

he ignores intelligent pundits.

and ridicules the fourth estate.


Through his own admission of greatness,

and self-promotion of his success

he twitters his way into our lives


Regardless with abandon he demeans

the marginalized and handicapped,

and resonates with the “exurban”.


He cajoles we should follow his lead,

He demands we see with his eyes:

the golden rule is; what’s in it for me.


Regardless from his ivory tower,

declaration trumps diplomacy.


I hold onto being held –

let go without letting go.

Happiness is within reach

of open palm and spread arms


A closed hand makes a clenched fist,

which neither points or picks up

An extended hand shares life –

halving sorrows and doubling joy.


Embrace the Force that’s with us –

God’s presence is always present

Love is touching and feeling;

and hugging is hearts kissing.


The trees have leafy branches –

Elephants have flexing trunks –

Whales have soft underbellies –

All embrace our Mother’s love.


So to be heard listen well,

to be seen look carefully,

to be touched grasp intently,

to be loved share grace and peace.


I’ve been here for a while.

There ain’t no way out,

I don’t see a way out.


There are always possibilities


There’s no sign of life.

It would seem I can’t get out,

I don’t see a way in.


Seize the moment, be the belief


This must be the end.

I’ll never hug again, never sleep again,

I don’t see any way at all


If you believe, you will see.


“Lazarus come out”


Burning initially,

it sheds light,

a beacon of Hope

for darkness.


Burning intensely,

its radiance pierces,

diminishing itself

for wholeness.


Burning incessantly,

it flickers with poise,

illuminating the way

for oneness.


Burning intently,

its gaze dances,

with uneven bursts

for fullness.


Burning innately,

it lives its life

without a sound

for calmness.


Life and Light –

Weak and Bright –

Strong and Slight –

Death and Night


The Word abides Without;

we all suffer as one.

The sacred Heart enjoins

our every fiber.


Oneness and Fulfillment

is not blocked by levels.

Listen, our silent Sun

opens the unlocked Door.


The Word ascends Below;

we all suffer as one.

The sacred Heart pierces

our every fiber.


“…ness” and Enlightenment

is not a different Plane.

Stillness transforms the soul

absorbing whenceless Wind.


Life and Light –

Weak and Bright –

Strong and Slight –

Death and Night

With What Remains

“Sometimes it’s the artist’s task

to make music with what’s left.”


She demanded a bold goal

but, I was unmovable.

It was not due to problems

or, because of but-what-if.

I make measured responses.


He was unhappy with me

but, I was unmovable.

It was due to quid pro quo

and, because of the judging.

I practice; so, I’m lucky.


I stop and learn


I can’t see the whole picture,

I hear the cacophony,

I touch with unfelt wonder,

I taste the bitter sweetness,

Waste’s foul odor repels me.


I savor mouthwatering,

I look through the looking glass,

I listen to sounds of silence,

I smell the flowers’ fragrance,

I hug with heartfelt kindness.


I go and do.


“Music is the space between the notes.”

Washing the Dishes

The dishes lay there –

left to languish –

frustrated from their purpose.


Left there in the sink –

disrespected –

the stainless steel bowl besmirched.


Sudsing up is good –

reincarnates –

they so want to be useful.


Then too, soiled is good –

real fulfilling –

unsullied is not service.


Cleaning is for them-

Redemption –

as for me it is Practice.


Once and for all wholeness –
or all for one oneness
Perfection of being –
or reflecting meaning.

The first a higher call
asks one to find a way;
despite failure and fall,
to become what but may.

The second a consort
lets one travel the path;
Asea without a port,
less the power of math.

So I could stride alone
or we strive together.
chanting a lonesome moan –
or love without a tether.

One offers completion
and utter fulfillment;
the other communion,
and realized commitment.

The Invisible


Unseen but apparent,
harmony is invisible.
The unseen is worth no words,
and silence is golden

Heartbreak and joy reveal
the whole picture of creation,
beyond image and likeness,
and less than from nothing.

I sit in silence to see clearly.
We chant as one to focus well.
Alone together, She is.
Together alone, I aha.

The wind speaks intently.
The rain covers completely.
The blind eye hears my wonder.
The deaf ear sees my awe.

Resistance is futile.
Compliance is useless.
Cooperation is required.
Response is necessary.

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