Some demand with hubris. Some expect with humility. Perchance the same words but such different instants. “…all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, those who humble themselves will be exalted.”[1]  We have sinned and we are in need of help. Beyond reciting words, Prayer calls from the heart. “…humbling oneself is difficult. It demands so muchContinue reading “Prayer”

Our Mother (Psalm 50)

Our Lady speaks from the sun’s rising to its setting. She shines forth with perfect beauty. She bids the heavens above and beckons the earth below. Listen to Her. “Come to me, genuflect and sacrifice for we have a covenant. My children, I testify on your behalf, I am God, your God. I know everyContinue reading “Our Mother (Psalm 50)”


all-about waiting all-about staying all-about stillness all-about poise Doing whatever it takes to instill equanimity. Being a source of a pleasant response. cool calm collected content Making the time without getting edgy or annoyed. Creating a space with serenity and tranquility. Patience needs to be mellow, wants to be unflappable, always bears trouble.