By Chance

“The more i practice,
the luckier I get.” (Arnold Palmer)

I asked Her “Where am I,
I feel lost and asea?”
She did not answer –
I did not feel at home.

So, I said, “Here I am,
I am, who I am”
Now, She answered
and made me happy

I asked Her, “what’s up,
this is not going to plan?”
She did not answer –
I did not feel helped

So I said, “I get it,
there is no plan.”
Now, She answered
and gave me harmony

“Luck, that’s when preparation
and opportunity meet.” (Pierre Trudeau)


I Have a Dream

Your young shall have visions,
and your old will dream dreams.

I bend but do not snap.
Stumble but do not fall.
The way through is to trust;
stand there to do something.

Listen to the silence.
Listen to the rancor.
Listen to my neighbor.
Listen to my shadow.

I live life in discord;
Love love in harmony.
I stop to smell blossoms,
I pause to welcome all.

Wait for all to keep up.
Wait and begin again.
Wait and change the end.
Wait for community

We can put up with us.
We can take care of us.

Alternative Facts

Don’t piss on my shoes and say it’s raining,
duplicity is the real terrorist.

We see, if you disagree, “you’re fired”.
We hear, if you cause problems, you’re gone.
Blow smoke up his ass and you’re admired.

“Mandated” by the skin of his tooth,
with factless frenzy, he betrays what’s real.
It’s his truth and nothing but self-served truth.

Un-resilient he must have agreement,
he tweets “I know you are but what am I”,
and then demands respectful testament.

He does not listen and speaks with forked tongue.
It is his hubris that troubles me most:
despite his bottom’s line, his crap is dung.

The extreme vetting is so ironic,
he issues orders like he’s herding cats
and disenfranchises with the sardonic.

Resistance might be pissing in the wind,
and trusting this gilded narcissist rough


I exhaled a silent sigh,
not an “aha”; it was “ahh”.

With my eyes wide shut, I winced –
I breathed in the restlessness
while abating awakeness.

I stood there, laying prostrate –
I absorbed the energy,
embracing the confusion.

Reflecting my shadow self,
the sun and the moon appear
and emerge my nothingness.

Spiritually abandoned
and being marginalized
I grunt, grimly groaning.

Soaking in the same stream twice,


The way is always through.
Of course, this is nothing new.

Sometimes I wait in silence,
hoping the door will open
on its own without offense.
Alas, I must move again.

But, my entry is blocked.
Sheer strength will not make it give,
I am closed and it is locked.
Change I must if I’m to live.

If I stay I will smother
and languish in pure chagrin.
I could wait for another
and let them find the way in.

But, that is their way not mine.
I wish I knew what was there,
make a plan to force the line
that would make it easier.

OK, I must turn the knob
and enter despite the threat.
My heart heaves a heavy throb.
My body shudders with sweat.

Of course, this is nothing new.
The way is always through.


I am who I am,
I stand here and now.

I loathe the dark and accept my shadow.
I love the light and confuse clarity.

Sometimes my heart conspires with my will.
Sometimes my mind overrules my body.

I straddle the truth.
I live there and then.

Resistance is futile, to plan pointless.
To prepare is helpful, support needed.

Obstacles become blessings in disguise.
Grace sanctions purity of intention.

Black and white blinds me.
I enjoy the gray.

Fear Itself

No one knows but me my fear
No one cares or sheds a tear.

To look with cursory glance,
one would not have an inkling
of my distress or trembling.

Shoulders straight and chest held high,
I walk with calm assurance
playing an all-is-well stance.

Alone in my room I cringe
and anxiously I wallow –
pyrrhic triumphs are hollow.

Eyes glistened and heart shuddered,
Why do I do what I do?
No one hears the words I spew.

Slumped in my chair, I flinch.
With odds against me, I fold –
bitterness at last takes hold

Thus muddling in constant dread,
I do have my daily bread.