I The Magician (next day repost)

Based on Meditations on the Tarot Sharing harmony – the synthesis of the impulse of the unconscious and the compulsion of the conscious The wisdom of Solomon… balances a conundrum – “Give the living baby to the first woman. Do not kill him; she is his mother.” [1] Thus the method of analogy leads toContinue reading “I The Magician (next day repost)”

The Tooth (next day repost)

The whole tooth and nothing but the tooth… the tooth is not free. Here it comes, dad said, as he lowered the bucket and then the handle broke wiping out my tooth but the root was OK… the answer was a crown. Fifty years of cleanings with some caries and a bout with periodontitis, impactContinue reading “The Tooth (next day repost)”

Our Gift (next day repost)

The Child came to a world at Peace. The world today is in utter uproar –   “Shameless worldliness, frivolous pleasure, and brutal sensuality are the vogue.” [1] The unholy have the means … to disrupt our youth. Most alarming is their untruth corrupting innocence. Overcoming the tribal demand requires fervent resolve We can notContinue reading “Our Gift (next day repost)”