IV  The Emperor

(based on Meditations on the Tarot by Anonymous) Submit freely and reflect Revelation. Renounce self-serving opinion, embrace the supreme Truth. “The Spirit of God was hovering, over a formless and empty earth” [1] the void – God made a space without his presence. The Emperor has pure authority… not with the spoils of the rod,Continue reading “IV  The Emperor”


God, Help us recognize our failings           and forgive us our faults. Give us the grace to resist           the influence of affluence. God, Bestow on us the blessing           of resting assured in the comfort           of your compassion. God, We treasure the opportunity           to serve wholly, and we look forward           toContinue reading “Empower”


Disciplined imagination reflects God’s reflection. When I was a child, reward and punishment was activity’s pivot. When caught breaking the rules, absolution was sought through atonement and reparation. As a reflecting adult, compassion and sacrifice mirrors Divine mercy. The Beatitudes rule, communion is achieved through submission and grace. Common good relies on justice and seeksContinue reading “Magis”


My God, Why do good things             happen to bad people? The common good             protects and serves             but objectifies. My God, Why do bad things             happen to good people? The common good             provides law and order             but judges without compassion My God, How can I be indifferent             regardless ofContinue reading “Goodness”

A Mother’s Love (Psalm 61)

Dear Mother, hear my cry;    listen to my prayer. I call to you,    my heart aches;    give me peace and equanimity. You are my safe harbor,    protect me and shield me. I long to rest assured in your presence    and relax in the harmony of creation. I will keep myContinue reading “A Mother’s Love (Psalm 61)”