Nothing is more practical than Faith.
All is less practical than finding God.
Nothing is more practical than Love.
All is less practical than losing me.

To be in love, be absolutely in love,
to have grace, feel totally blessed –
seizes my imagination and sets me free,
touches all and is the way.

This is why I get up; this is why I lay down;
this is why I go to work; this is why I play;
to be in love, be absolutely in love,
with her grace feel totally blessed.

To be amazed, to be shocked,
to delight in ecstasy, to collapse in heartbreak,
To be real, to be all alone – I rise in love.
I follow my heart and will never be the same.

Let Go Let God

It’s hard to give over control,
as if, I ever had control.
It’s hard to say, “I’ve lost control”,
assuming I was in control.

I’ve noticed some just want answers,
and there are really no answers.
I’ve noticed some make up answers,
despite questions without answers.

I cannot create solutions
grasping at straws aren’t solutions.
I cannot scope out solutions
best laid plans don’t make solutions.

Letting go takes a lot of work
exhausting and soul-jarring work.
Letting go goes beyond my work
it requires soul-searching work.

In time of trouble, “Let it be”.
I cannot construe, “Let it be”.
In time of triumph, “Let it be”.
giving Her credit, “Let it be”.

… with the eyes of God

Seeing with the eyes of God,

I peer through my own façade.


Accepting my personal role,

I wonder what does God see

through the window of my soul.


Listening without deflection,

I shudder in realizing,

I am divine reflection.


The beauty of the flower

is its awesome blossoming,

standing tall in a shower.


While watching without winking,

God’s eyes gleam with gentleness.

So, I stare without blinking.


God’s eyes focus the blurry.

With eyes wide shut, God says,

be happy and don’t worry.


With God’s eyes, love is not blind.

With God’s eyes, mercy is kind.


I exhaled a silent sigh,

not an “aha”; it was “ahh”.


With my eyes wide shut, I winced –

I breathed in the restlessness

while abating awakeness.


I stood there, laying prostrate –

I absorbed the energy,

embracing the confusion.


Reflecting my shadow self,

the sun and the moon appear

and emerge my nothingness.


Spiritually abandoned

and being marginalized

I grunt, grimly groaning.


Soaking in the same stream twice,



I’ve been here for a while.

There ain’t no way out,

I don’t see a way out.


There are always possibilities


There’s no sign of life.

It would seem I can’t get out,

I don’t see a way in.


Seize the moment, be the belief


This must be the end.

I’ll never hug again, never sleep again,

I don’t see any way at all


If you believe, you will see.


“Lazarus come out”

Alone With



be not



in the sky,

the moment,

on the ground


alone, with friends,

to mountain go,

and pray with them

in their presence


be oh so happy

and be oh so sad,

submit and obey,

never be the same

woozy wobbly be


Love’s shining Light

in union are,

not one not two

with companions


take care of,


put up with


I’m pleased

with you




She is above the law

and does not wear a badge.

she is beyond the rule

and does not need a shield.


With wide open eyes,

she mocks blind justice.

With wide open arms,

she gives peace and mercy.


Without empty threats,

she feels my pain with me.

Without leaving a scar,

she uses a velvet glove.


True to the alchemy,

she transforms love to life.

True to the incarnation,

she instills life with love.


Being of nothingness,

Force to be reckoned with,

Mother, daughter, sister

Wisely says, “Let it be.”

The Beatitudes

Blessed are the weary, for they will have rest.


Blessed are the kind, for they will be received.


Blessed are the stewards, for they will be sated.


Blessed are the givers, for they will be forgiven.


Blessed are the searchers, for they will be found.


Blessed are the listeners, for they will hear God.


Blessed are the spiritually abandoned, for they will be one with God


Blessed are the gracious, for God cannot do it without them

The Will of God

“Don’t worry,” the young one said,

“I’m getting to you by the labyrinth.”


There is a lesson in these words –

I want to be told, what to do,

to be clear on my directions;

but as I walk life’s labyrinth,

it is clear that is not the case.


So, these words teach and assure me –

The way is cooperation

with many twists and reversals.

The labyrinth is not a path;

it is a way through to oneness.


We are not alone on the walk;

we share with many travelers.

Sometimes we wait; sometimes they wait.

Sometimes we clear the way for them;

and, sometimes they show us the way.


We cannot change where we have been

or worry where we are going.

Like the wind, we are God’s presence –

sometimes gentle and merciful;

and, sometimes strong and reckoning.


So the young one’s promise rings true –

God does not tell me what to do,

and yet, Her directions are clear;

“Be happy,” and “Be not afraid,”

this is the way to Her in the labyrinth.

Wren’s Song

It’s happening, Joanna’s water broke,

we’re more than ready, but I’m still scared.


Breathe into every moment,

be the coach, we can do this.


It’s been hours and still no baby,

and Joanna is having a lot of pain.


I breathe with her and work with her,

be one with each contraction.


Her water broke so early,

there is no fluid to ease the pain.


What to do, what to do, can I call a time-out.

No, life must be lived and this must be done, now.


The contractions are constant

and the pain is relentless.


Joanna got an epidural and is getting some rest.

I am going to try and sleep, too.


She’s awake and Joanna says the “baby is coming”,

this is going fast now, let’s get it together.


They’re not ready but the baby is,

We can do this. we are ready.


Joanna grimaces, pushing with all she’s got,

the baby is coming. the baby is coming.


Hello my little one, I am so happy to hold you,

my heart sings listening to your cry.


Life’s breath of Love –

and Love’s breath of Life.