xx Judgement

based on “Meditations on the Tarot” by Anonymous God’s will is our peace, not in passing away, rather, in the greater good of restoration “… your dead will live, their bodies will rise let those who dwell in the dust wake up and shout for joy…”[1] Made possible with reparation, life after death is notContinue reading “xx Judgement”

No Hate

erase hate – Embrace Peace. For hate is selfish animosity, Peace is selfless Charity. animosity infects and perverts with bitterness. Charity cleanses and restores with pleasantness. hate fills with fear and dread, Peace holds with faith and trust animosity rules with quid pro quo in the name of Justice. Charity stands for acceptance on behalfContinue reading “No Hate”


i see my outlook in the water’s Reflection i pause and linger listening in Contemplation awed by vision’s breadth unlike a mirror the Wind plays with the image rippling with clarity squinting i focus the Image and Likeness realized restores fluency in peace i settle to Ruminate the appearance chewing on insight’s cud it isContinue reading “Reflection”


Sometimes the messenger needs to remember to not shoot the messenger. When the Message is heard, the messenger is polite – without rudeness, direct, without smoke and mirrors. Life is conflicting Truth… thwarting community. Love holds opposing Word… dancing with divergence. When the Message is real, the messenger must educe – a heartfelt response, notContinue reading “Messenger”


To dismember injures and rips us asunder, to remember submits and restores by healing. The disconnect disrupts creating division, to remember unites and enhances the bond. Clichés are empty words formulas are hopeless, to remember enjoins and creates communion. With wonder detachment fosters transformation, to remember renews and assures commitment. Yes, membership outlasts the emptinessContinue reading “Remember”

Bounce Back Better

Setbacks are inevitable… to recover is not a passive movement, resiliency is an active affirmation, Absorbing the effects of the injury affects restoring comfort and happiness – surpass survival – thrive. Well-being is not an accident. Engaged is not a coincidence. Harmony is not a lucky chance. Total commitment… exercise the body, adjust the attitude,Continue reading “Bounce Back Better”


Blessed are you when people insult you, lie about you because of me, for you will be rewarded.[1] It is truly hard to be calm amid gross misunderstanding… peaceful about malicious slurs. It is tough when slander becomes accepted as orthodoxy… false prophets become truth-bearers. Unconditional love affords a life of real relationship – standardContinue reading “Faithful”