Forgive and Forget

I am asked to forgive

those who have offended me

This is not easy,

when there’s no reparation;

and even harder,

when there’s no preparation.

I am asked to forget

what I have forgiven

This is possible

but difficult to realize.

It requires imagination

and a penchant to idealize.

Truth is not transactional

Truth is a revelation

Being right needs a process

a commitment to cooperation

correctness wants oneness

a willingness for collaboration

Reality is not a consensus

Reality is shared being

Being real needs acceptance

We are chosen to behold

Authenticity wants awareness

Listening to what is told

Forgiven defies logic

Forgotten rejects objectivity

No matter what the record says

Life goes on and walls fall

Looking past the past means

Love of neighbor bridges the call

Redeemer (Psalm 19)

Heaven declares the beauty of God;

   Earth proclaims the work of Her hands.

Everyday in every way they announce Her;

   always in all ways they present Her.

Her promise is for all

   Her voice is heard by every one.

Her song goes out to all the earth,

   it calls across the seas and echoes in the mountains.

She makes us at home

   She protects us and keeps us safe,

She has a joyous expectation not a demanding one,

   She has confidence in us.

Her love touches all of creation

   everyone enjoys Her warmth; and

   nothing is hidden from Her heart.

Our Mother’s assurances are just what we need,

   a tonic for the soul and a balm for the heart

Her instructions are trustworthy,

   making living simply, simply living.

Her precepts ring true,

   giving joy to the heart.

Her guidance is radiant,

   providing light for our eyes.

Our mother is awesome,

   our companion forever.

She honors us with her presence,

   her way is safe and secure

It is more precious than gold,

   invaluable and enduring;
It is sweeter than honey,

   delicious and satisfying.

We, Her people, are enlightened by Her;

   warmed by her radiance.

My Mother is with me

   She forgives me, and

   She holds nothing against me.

My Lady, deliver me from willfulness;

   help me to do the best that I can do.

   I want to enjoy peace and equanimity,

   help me to be fierce and free.

My Mother, accompany me

   ponder and brood with me

   blubber and sigh with me

You are my Queen and my Redeemer.


He drew an invisible X on the floor,

“Stand right here and don’t move”.

He handed me the droplight

and pointed to a spot ahead of us,

“If you want to help, shine the light here.”

I was ten and really wanted to help,

How was this helpful?

He put the toolbox down, opened it, took my arm,

and moved the light over it,

“Follow my hand, shine the light there.”

He was my dad and it seemed, he was hardly ever home,

but it was clear he took great pride in his work.

It was an honor to go on a service call.

How was this helpful?

“See this,” he said, “this is the problem.”

He then moved over to the basement sink.

“Come here with the light and bring the toolbox with you,

watch and learn.”

Wow, it was much heavier than I thought.

He carried it with such ease.

At the sink, he reached into the toolbox,

and disassembled the unit with a bunch of tools,

without words, he showed me what was wrong

and then reassembled the unit

his hands and fingers moved fast and sure

We moved back to the burner compartment,

and put everything back together,

then we turned the unit on and made sure it ran.

… then he turned it off and then on again

… then he did it again and waited for the heat to come up

He we went to the stairs and called up, “All set”

From the top of the stairs the woman said, “Thank you.”

“There will be no more problems,” he said.

From the top of the stairs the woman said, “I’m sure you’re right.”

“OK, let’s pack up.

Make sure all the tools are away and wrap the light up this way.”

I put the stuff in the truck and got in the passenger seat.

How was this helpful?

On the way home, he patted me on the head.

Holy Family

Bless our family

during this pandemic time

give us courage and patience –

make us safe.

Bless the mothers of our families

during this endless time

give them kindness and gentleness –

make them aware.

Bless the heads of our families

during this dark time

give them wisdom and prudence –

make them attentive.

Bless the children of our families

during this unprecedented time

give them dedication and resilience –

make them careful.

Bless our family

during this anxious time

give us unity and grace –

make us holy.

Clearing the Car

I parked the car backwards at the front

of the driveway prepared to pull out.

A Nor’easter was rambling

and as expected, blanketed

us with a lot of snow.

Slowly, inch by inch, hour by hour

it piled up, covering

everything earthbound.

Covering eyesore and beauty

with quiet equanimity,

regardless of stature.

Transformed by change,

empowered by embrace,

landscape becomes snowscape.

In between, I would venture out

to shovel a path

and cultivate my oneness.

Finding a way in the snow,

Gently pushing with little flinging,

I join the flakes transformation.

With indifference,

I make it to the car –

still bound it waits.

We must be prepared

to be on our way.

Seeing is most important.

Trunk and hood cleared,

windows and lights cleared,

we are ready to cleave.

Assent’s Ascent

Who can be one with God?.. The psalmist says

The person with clean hands and pure heart

The person who does not lie by oath or deceive by swear[1]

Clean hands

work delivers dignity

it is not how much, or how well

it is the joy of producing

Pure heart

intention affords affinity

the expression of what we do

begets kindness and community

Authentic oath

pledge verifies validity

a promise requires commitment

not lip service or hollow gestures

Sworn witness

word increases integrity

taking a stand is what we stand for

reporting the truth sees with God’s eyes

We’ve got some difficult days ahead.

But it really doesn’t matter with me now,

because I’ve been to the mountaintop.[2]

[1] Psalm 24

[2] Martin Luther King

Savior (Psalm 142)

I call out to my God.

   I pray to Her for Her favor.

I pour out my problem to Her.

   I tell Her about my trouble.

When I grow weak,

   She knows what I’m going through.

In the path where I walk,

   people have hidden a trap to catch me.

Look around me, and you will see

   that no one is concerned about me.

I have no place of safety.

   No one cares whether I live or die.

My Lady, I cry out to you.

   I say, “You are my place of safety.

   You are everything I need in this life.”

Listen to my cry.

   I am in great need.

Save me from those who are chasing me.

   They are too strong for me.

My troubles are like a prison.

   Set me free so I can praise your name.

Then those who do what is right will gather around me   

because you have been good to me.


To hope against hope

To remain calm

To embrace change

It staggers the imagination

What we are faced with:

            Global destruction

            Political dissention

            Social declination

            Religious diminution

            Physical deterioration

Irreparable damage has been done

Can we make a difference?

            Global restoration

            Political renovation

            Social reformation

            Religious reparation

            Physical recuperation

To hope against hope

To remain calm

To embrace change

Resilience helps us resist

We are

abandoned but we can share

broken but we can mend

marginalized but we can recover

hurt but we can heal

fallen but we can get up

Resilience makes us supple

We are

neglected but we can care

wrecked but we can rebuild

dismissed but we can endorse

damaged but we can succeed

forgotten but we can commit

To hope against hope

To remain calm

To embrace change

Denouement with Dignity

So true it is; it is good to have work

and of great joy to work with dignity.

It does not matter what the lived task is –

it matters only how the job is done.

I am so very grateful to have work.

Yes, it makes me happy to be complete.

The appointed task fulfills my being,

getting the job done truly satisfies.

I have been hard at work for fifty years –

an educator – thousands have been led out,

helping others to realize self-esteem,

and the achievement of career goals.

Coming to my personal denouement…

I am graced by honoring self-esteem,

completed by commending career goals

I can now retire with dignity.

The future is full of possibility,

to continue to continue anew…

by living simply and simply leaving,

sharing love with peace and mercy.

Window of the Soul

To see, I must open my eyes.

To be seen, I must open my eyes.

The light cleanses by soul –

     purifying my imagination,

     reconciling my imagination.

I have eyes and see the light.

Myopia sharpens my focus.

Perspicacity hones my focus.

My soul becomes aware –

     one with attentiveness,

     whole with attentiveness.

With God’s eyes I examen.

The needs of life are realized.

The wants of love are realized.

Eyes wide shut, my soul peers –

     inwardly due to the light,

     outwardly due to the light.