Assured – Psalm 86 (next day repost)

Listen to my plea and answer me,    for I am weak and vulnerable, and I need your protection. You are my God; and I am your servant, who trusts you. Have compassion on me and give me mercy,    I turn to you for solace, bring joy to your servant. Be a balm forContinue reading “Assured – Psalm 86 (next day repost)”

Bleak – Psalm 102* – (Next Day Repost)

My God, hear me and listen to my outcry. My heart is hurt and my soul is troubled My days are wasted, and I cannot concentrate. I am bewildered and need your help. I am unsettled and want You to answer me. I am totally distracted, and I cannot get anything done. I lie awakeContinue reading “Bleak – Psalm 102* – (Next Day Repost)”