Cleansing Lenses (next day repost)

Before I put my glasses on… I wipe them with a special cloth that frees them of specks. I am now ready for what’s ahead, prepared for the epiphanies and aware of possibilities. My glasses shield the windows of my soul, protecting and obfuscating what I see and how I am seen. How I seeContinue reading “Cleansing Lenses (next day repost)”


Hands touch and feel, listen and speak. Hands of an athlete… quick and sure compliments supple and strong – poetry in motion. Hands of a technician… precise and careful compliments intuitive and diligent – embodied instructions. Hands of an educator… open and directive compliments assertive and self-disciplined – lifelong mentor. Hands of a mother… softContinue reading “Hands”

In the Darkness

It is not clear – the way to go It is not blocked, the path is clear. It is unclear because darkness… obscures the given direction Despite this, I must venture forth, step aheart into the darkness, with courage embrace the unknown, engaging what I do not know. “Be not afraid” is a mantra –Continue reading “In the Darkness”