Pat and Chris were already home, when she awoke from her short nap. She sauntered into the kitchen and took in the smells of dinner, and, expressed her satisfaction with a nuzzle of approval. She settled back on her haunches and then with perfect alertness she sniffed as they prepared supper. Moving her nose from […]

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Have ears to hear eyes to see and the heart to listen ‘Daddy” “What?” Young eyes are guileless Sincere questions get sincere answers “Dad” “What!” Her eyes were wide open Surprise, surprise means shock and awe “Pops” “Whaaat!?” His eyes were glaring raging outrage needs measured response “Papa” “Whattt?!” Older eyes stare intently Inciting incites […]

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Streets of San Francisco

What goes up, must come down. Obvious but not easy, unappealing and so hard, indeed, for sure, a daunting walk, that’s the rub. An unfaltering brisk pace, that’s unlikely to happen: difficult climbs and descents. exhaust me. What’s the point of the steep grade? Going up is a tiring task! Going down is a forced […]

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Tie a String Around My Finger

Don’t forget to remember Drink the moon shine Walk in delight Quaff the lunar twilight See the wind whine Move without flight Behold the Light’s soundbite Hear the bud sign Catch the sunlight Listen to the bees’ plight Smell the tree line Stroll with the height Sniff the branches’ bark blight Feel the sea’s rhyme […]

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The Eyes Have It

I really do hate the double standard; I’d rather be held to a high standard “All you need is love” our hearts do acclaim; but, familiarities our tight lips defame. Our fear of intimacy is a shame. Indeed, our souls espouse equality; but, our thoughts betray with duplicity — ironic confidentiality. On the one hand, […]

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