Pure in Heart

Blessed are the pure in heart

for they will see God[1]

The steadfast and loyal heart is

directed by good intention,

open to opportunities.

Faith-filled perception renders one

awake, aware, and attentive

for the Beatific Vision

Enlightenment sees with God’s eyes

and clarity hears with God’s ears,

in turn the soul is grasped by God.

Reconciling thus disperses

the haze of selfish ignorance,

and shimmers with selfless kindness.

Blessed are the good-intentioned

for they will enjoy divine company

[1] Matthew 5: 8

Remembering Mike

Michael E. Maulbeck, age 66, of Parsippany, NJ, passed away peacefully on Sunday, December 5, 2021. Mike graduated from Oratory High School in Summit and for many years, he was an office clerk with the U-Haul company in Saddlebrook, NJ.

However, what he is truly remembered for is his “Presence”. Michael was generally not the center of attention, but his laugh was unmistakable and his stories memorable, so you knew he was in the room. He was always happy to share a tale and invariably enjoyed a hearty chuckle in between anecdotes.

He also was a baseball/softball umpire for years and was recognized as both decidedly assertive and emphatically impartial. Whether it was calling balls and strikes or safe or out on the bases, he was rarely second-guessed and regularly acknowledged for getting the call right.

Mike was beautifully simple in his tastes, expectations, and performance. Yes, Mike was uncomplicated and consistently truly enjoyed a routine of watching sports and model building. Of particular interest was baseball, specifically the Yankees, and car racing, specifically the Indianapolis 500. In addition, he was fascinated by the intricacies of Lego Blocks and would spend hours perfecting a structure. Most importantly, Mike was a happy soul, disappointments were mere inconveniences and easily overcome by a sport’s game on the TV, some comfort food, or an outing with friends and family.

The Funeral Service will be private.

Poor in Spirit

Blessed are the poor in spirit

for theirs is the kingdom of God[1]

Conventional wisdom suggests

poor in spirit is humbleness –

unconditional empathy.

It’s accepting powerlessness…

life is not what’s in it for me

and love is non-competitive.

It’s receptive to the spirit…

selflessness is untouched by sin

and resistant to all judgment.

It’s openness to God’s presence…

communion submits to guidance

and enjoys possibilities.

Those who follow attentively

will be accompanied by God.

[1] Matthew 5: 3

Bounce Back Better

Setbacks are inevitable…

to recover is not a passive movement,

resiliency is an active affirmation,

Absorbing the effects of the injury

affects restoring comfort and happiness –

surpass survival – thrive.

Well-being is not an accident.

Engaged is not a coincidence.

Harmony is not a lucky chance.

Total commitment…

exercise the body, adjust the attitude,

embrace the healing, persevere in prayer.

Aware of the difference, re-focus,

listen to the change –

rest assured – never be the same.

Well-being is not an accident.

Engaged is not a coincidence.

Harmony is not a lucky chance.


Blessed are those who are persecuted

because of righteousness

for theirs is the kingdom of heaven[1]

Abandoned and marginalized,

it’s difficult to bear bias,

harder to endure injustice

to suffer inequality.

Thus, disregarded by blind eyes,

marginalized, and abandoned

the consigned, to the dung heap, hope

for delayed gratification.

Uprightness demands commitment,

truth always asks for sacrifice

and guards blamelessness constantly,

yes, justice can be elusive.

Walking the selfless courage path

entails optimistic patience

and advances the sustained strength

of eternal restoration.

Those who are mistreated

defending decency

enjoy eternal bliss.

[1] Matthew 5: 10

Embracing Change

O God,

I am tired and confused.

Help me be still,

Help me be quiet and listen,

Help me not be overwhelmed by what must be done.

Give me peace as I start anew.

Help me rest assured in your presence,

Help me say, “Yes, I can”,

Help me trust you and myself.

O God,

Bestower of blessings and giver of grace,

embrace me with peace and love,

and embrace all who are dear to me,

for your Word heralds harmony and calls us to communion.

I will hold the tension,

and rest in the holy silence,

secure with your mercy and protection,

I wholeheartedly say, “Here I am”.

O God,

Give me the patience to stay the course,

give me the courage to strive forward,

give me the strength to get up after I stumble.

Show me the Way.

Indeed it is


My core was compromised –

a stomach hernia required repair.

Every movement exercises the core

and the operation made moving hurt.

All movement was painful

but prone was the most challenging.

Three to five days of recuperation

became three to five weeks of restriction.

Indeed, it was unpleasant

and the healing task daunting.

The elastic binder at first a blessing

became a bother and the constraint foregone.

So too, the opioid was of little use

impacting breathing and making me uncomfortable.

My body altered, my being shook,

my gut shuddered; my chakra uttered…

My core is on the mend –

my abdomen is reinforced,

a lump replaced with evenness

to recover flexibility.

My core is restored –

to process needs and wants,

to sustain with patient support,

to practice affirmation.


Blessed are the peacemaker

for they will be called children of God[1]

Peace does not deliver justice…

to make peace involves everyone’s

sacrifice for the common good.

Pacificism deescalates,

submits right action as good will,

and thus, promotes freedom from strife.

Communion asks all get along –

simply dwell non-competitively

as neighbors not adversaries.

Reconciliation affords

inclusive accommodation

in the midst of acrimony.

Those who find ways to soothe

fulfill the covenant.

[1] Matthew 5: 9


Blessed are the merciful

for they will be shown mercy.[1]

Above peace, empathy’s comfort,

beyond justice, compassion’s heart,

hence harmony’s restoration.

Cooperation heals our wounds,

our listening first, speaks volumes,

and keeps judgment from directing.

Forgiving includes forgetting –

unfailing generosity

fulfills unconditional love,

Intrinsic to our covenant,

relief precludes anxiety,

concern excludes retribution.

Those who take care of their neighbor

will be treated with gentleness.

[1] Matthew 5: 7


“When I walk, I walk slow.

When I run, I run fast.”[1]

There is a time to be watchful.

There is a time to be enthused.

There is a time to be measured.

There is a time to be nimble.

Walking is a time to relish the view –

to be aware of surroundings,

to absorb the Wind’s gentle breath,

to feel the Earth’s warmth with each step.

Running is a time to enjoy the deed –

to impact the situation

to commit with Water’s intent

to fulfill Fire’s fearlessness

“When I walk, I walk slow.

When I run, I run fast.”

There is a time to be open.

There is a time to be breathless.

There is a time to be gentle.

There is a time to be leading.

Life has a lot of twists and turns

I sometimes walk and sometimes run,

To move forward and not dither

I focus and maintain right pace.

With eyes that see and ears that hear

I sometimes walk and sometimes run,

to explore, to find, a new way

and I will never be the same.

[1] Wren William Maulbeck