Escape Entanglement

What am I to do?

Despite the Truth, I seem ill-equipped

to endure temptation and avoid muddle.

What is the Way?

The allurement of “love” and enticement of “success”

are rife with superficial deals

Why do I have-to change?

Life is the same old same old challenge

and we are all saved that is the plan

Be good –

Have nothing to with worldly wants

with gratitude seek fulfillment

Do good –

“… to escape entanglements,

do not cultivate the benevolence of the rich and powerful.”[1]

Be a power for good

Trust in God’s mercy and compassion

have  confidence in restoration

“Blessed are the meek,

for they will inherit the earth.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness,

for they will be filled.”[2]

[1] Father Judge Meditations p198: lines 6-7

[2] Matthew 5: 6-7


Harmony is not achieved per se.

Harmony is realized in relation…

a delicate balance of being together alone –

deep appreciation and devoted protection.

Appreciation is awareness

composed with suffering that appalls,

vigilant with enhancements that appeals –

regarding regardless of outcomes.

Protection is attentiveness

centering the marginalized with trust,

transforming the satisfied with thirst –

foregoing forges of contracts.

Harmony is mutual openness.

Harmony cherishes personal contact…

a yielding balance of communion –

unending thankfulness and reassuring safety.


“Fire… aim… ready” is a disaster,

so, too, is assumptive planning.

If the change includes forced cramming,

it’s impudent just to be faster.

I begin at ease to get ready –

measured response with focused calm

makes easy effort without qualm

and allows for change to be steady.

I circle the target and take aim –

engaged with intended purpose

cultivates a lasting service

and keeps the enlightened soul aflame.

I must pull a trigger to fire –

a committed resolution

not one and done execution

makes possible my heart’s desire.

Gratefully the task I now hasten,

a helping hand for the service.

Structured teamwork is on purpose,

I continue to share and listen.

Eye of the Beholder

Youth is wasted on the young

speaks an oft-told separation

between undone and being.

Undone relates to the heart

being identifies age –

both are unfulfilled and real.

The former embraces trust

the later lacks some judgment –

both encounter change and chance.

Bounded by space and time,

the young get old regardless

and then regret where and when.

Expanded by scene and tone,

youth abounds with new insight

and embraces what and who.

If retained with joy and grace,

if prepared for twists and turns,

youth need not be wasted.


Graciousness is a salutary role,

there are no rules but there is a way –

listen without observing

and submit with affirmation.

Both welcomed at the table

and chosen chum on the couch…

considered wanted company is a gift

and leads to being a courted blessing.

Sought to share activity is an honor –

conscientious but chill

and careful beyond reproach

makes for a good time had by all.

Always ready, willing, and able…

aware of expectations,

attentive to possibilities,

and available without an agenda.

Enjoying the embrace and feeling the love,

parting becomes sweet sorrow

and invited back brings happiness

to both guest and host together.

Right Intention

Jesus came to make reparation

and he taught us to have compassion

to do good works was correct action

but they must be with the right intention.

“No matter how good the work may be,

no matter what solace it may bring.

unless our intention is super –

natural, the greater good is not done.”[1]

The lesson cannot be minimized

-Charity towards the marginalized-

the needy must have our agency

the needy need our advocacy

anguish and pain are all about us

we cannot dismiss without a fuss,

these aches we must heartily embrace

with genuine honesty and grace.

Jesus declares and gives no redress

for hardened hearts to cries of distress

Jesus blesses acting sincerely

and embracing the needy dearly

[1] Father Judge Meditations p76: line 6-7


“I am so anxious that you have

an invincible kindness”[1]

Show all sincere esteem.

Give all the kindness

of gentleness and patience.

What joy we will live!

What blessedness we will have!

“For kindness begets kindness.”[2]

What holds us? Charity –

Bound by God’s love

Our hearts beat as one in the Spirit

Kindness creates peace and harmony,

regardless of color or belief or orientation,

even peoples with competing goals.

So, in kindness we deal real

“yes” means yes and “no” means no.

as we deal, so God deals with us.

If we want mercy, we must be merciful.

If we want pity, we must be compassionate.

If we want forgiveness, we must forgive.

Invincible Kindness is integrity with mercy.

Invincible Kindness is justice with compassion.

[1] Father Judge Meditation page 120 Line 1-2

[2] Ephesians 4:32


Detached, we have liberty…

unfettered of worldly accouterments,

and empowered by heavenly Will –

this is real life, freedom, and happiness.

“the virtue of evangelical poverty.

does not make us parsimonious, stoical,

or cynical, we do not despise those who

have means. It does not make us communists.”[1]

Possession puts us out of touch,

property keeps us out of touch,

coveting makes us out of touch –

this is ruining the world.

We are no more than dust in the Wind…

Charity pleases the Sanctifier,

soothes the Creator,

and enriches the Savior.

“Come, to me for you are blessed,

I was hungry, and you gave me to eat,

I was thirsty, and you gave me to drink,

I was a stranger, and you took me in.”[2]

Poverty puts us in touch,

poorness keeps us in touch,

asking for alms makes us touch –

this is saving the world.

Give, ask, and receive with liberty…

aware without judgment,

and attentive without cost –

this is real life, freedom, and happiness.

[1] Father Judge Meditations p. 299: line 7-8

[2] Matt: 25: 34-35


I am so distraught at the debacle round me.

Rest is difficult and the disquiet alarms me.

I am disheartened at my possible legacy

my children’s children will definitely be defiled.

Disenchanted by what I can actually do,

recognizing the futility of demanding,

I adopt a deescalate darkness decision.

In my bare feet, I wander outside and lay on Earth,

I listen to Wind, and I absorb the warmth of Sun,

Worry leaves me, solace abounds, and peace overcomes.

She supports me, She speaks to me, and He embraces me.

Peace Untamed is not wild… rather, prepared without plans.

In utter gratitude, I roll over to hug Earth,

I rise up and join Tree in having a catch with Wind.

In our Light, we all enjoy the company of Sun.

I am truly free, and so, do not count my blessings,

Love Untamed is of the heart and treasures communion.

Calming down, I relax and breathe easier with Friends.

Refreshed we make harmony and rest in Moment’s grace.


Unfocused hinders connecting scene and tone,

leads to impulse with attitude and left alone.

Unprepared creates crisis in space and time –

an uphill battle of endless treadmill incline.

So too, unintended consequences increase

as exploring the right course and right way decrease.

Wandering round in hopeless complication,

lost in the throes of a desperate situation.

Overloaded with too much information,

there is very little chance of transformation.

Thus, deterred despite a resolute resolve

disorder takes reign as circumstances devolve.

Preparation promotes participation,

focus provides a way for collaboration.

Giving direction encourages success,

more so taking direction stimulates progress.

What-can-be staggers the imagination,

concerted innovation fosters relation.

Groundwork and homework determine agreement,

rest for the weary comes after achievement.