Heaven’s Voice

Fact is revealed truth

Opinion is reasoned declaration.

The mission expects

listening and waiting.

Baptism frees

with patience and strength.

“I am well pleased”

Openness and vigilance

transform insight.


restores communion.

“Listen to him”

Leading by example,

decriers and defenders are embraced.

The victim forgives

despite Crucifixion.

“The sun stopped shining”

The marvel of belief

is to be understood.

The miracle of Pentecost

is having wisdom and seeing visions.

“They saw tongues of fire

that came to rest on each of them.”

XIX The Sun

(based on Meditations on the Tarot by Anonymous)

Insight reflects

the intense fervor

of profound intimacy

and gifted wisdom.

“Let there be light,”

and there was light.

God saw that light was good,

and was separated from darkness.”[1]

At its rising –

the great awakening

at its setting –

the liminal twilight.

The sun shows the way,

endowing insight,

providing realization…

it warms the regard.

All are given light:

success sparkles,

satisfaction shines,

serenity shimmers.

I am the Alpha and the Omega,

to the thirsty, I will give water.

to the unbelieving, the lying,

I will give a burning lake.[2]

[1] Genesis 1: 3-4

[2] Revelation 21: 6-8



We bless you for the gift of today,

for all our difference and distinction.

We bless you for each moment

filled with care and hope.

We bless you for the gift of yesterday,

for all our attention and awareness.

We bless you for each remembrance,

filled with trust and faith.

We bless you for the gift of tomorrow,

for all our input and impact.

We bless you for each legacy

filled with chance and love.

We want to have visions

and see what You see.

We want to dream dreams

and hear what You hear.

We give thanks for unintended consequences

We give thanks for enlightening realization

We give thanks for limitless possibility

We give thanks for communion

May it be so.

Original Goodness

Preternatural gifts…

predispose our privilege

for zealous communion.

We are one with God

and perfect for each other…

stewards sharing creation.

In the image and likeness…

we co-create, cooperate,

and accommodate.

Forked-tongue temptation

harvests the quid pro quo…

and makes us selfish.

Instead, we must cultivate

our relationships…

and be eternally grateful.

Struggle with and stand for…

love one another,

and abide with God.


The opposite of hope is cynicism.

The opposite of trust is selfishness.

Hope is not “what’s in it for me”.

Trust is not quid pro quo,

cynicism demands loyalty,

without mitigation,

requiring suspicion and scorn,

bullying with blind compliance.

We trust in the “vision”,

dreams, do indeed, come true

and we rest assured,

poised in the Truth

selfishness denies our motivation

for expectant communion,

disrupting a space for repair,

and a time for change.

We hope in the “heartfelt”,

committing with empathy,

as doubt surrenders

to nurturing compassion.

Hope is kind and benevolent.

Trust is gentle and generous.

Hope embraces the Here and Now.

Trust abides in Love.



We need to see, what you see,

in order to hear, what you hear.


it is with you,

we can be good.


Still our being and calm our hearts,

as we accommodate the common good.


it is with you,

we can do good.


Give us the grace to embrace the stranger,

cooperating with all for the greater good.


it is with you,

we are a power for good.

Make it so

IV  The Emperor

(based on Meditations on the Tarot by Anonymous)

Submit freely

and reflect Revelation.

Renounce self-serving opinion,

embrace the supreme Truth.

“The Spirit of God was hovering,

over a formless and empty earth” [1]

the void – God made a space

without his presence.

The Emperor has pure authority…

not with the spoils of the rod,

but with a sparing staff,

he rules a child’s realm.

From a throne of honor,

while listening to the Lion,

and receiving the Raven,

he protects the mystery.

Beyond the common good,

he was born to serve

not to be served…

cultivating the greater good

“Christ rules all that is good

from a perfect holy place

not made with human hands,

and not of creation”[2].

[1] Genesis 1:1-2

[2] Hebrews 9:11


Oh God,

I have a sneaking suspicion

about the direction my life is moving,

and the path I am walking;

and to be honest,

I’m a bit apprehensive

about what is ahead.

To be clear,

I’m not asking for You to intervene;

nor, am I suggesting that my life be easier.

I just want to be happy

and need your help

to see what You see,

and hear what you hear.

I have confidence that we walk together in harmony

and I rest assured that you are happy with me.

May it be so



Help us recognize our failings

          and forgive us our faults.

Give us the grace to resist

          the influence of affluence.


Bestow on us the blessing

          of resting assured

in the comfort

          of your compassion.


We treasure the opportunity

          to serve wholly,

and we look forward

          to doing your will.


We pray for

          the good, the bad, and the unknown,

as we promote peace

          among all peoples.

Make it so