There are times to produce

and there are times to consume.

I am called to balance both

I cannot just create,

I cannot just devour,

the fruit is not the harvest.

Neither needs nor wants make it –

to give and give harms,

to take and take hurts,

the fruit is to cultivate.

There are times to produce

and there are times to consume.

If I spend all my time selling,

my soul does not profit.

If I spend all my time buying,

my heart does not swell.

Life and love are not transactional –

the hunter accepts what is found,

the gatherer embraces what is held –

cultivation enjoys relationship

There are times to produce

and there are times to consume.

Better Angels of Our Nature

the delusion of ownership can cripple

receiving and sharing is empowering


kindness and gentleness with each other

as we walk hand-in-hand and shoulder-to-shoulder


spiritual gifts are not accumulated  

possession is zero tenths of the New law


preparation is always in all ways

believing my opportunity will come


to have everlasting peace and harmony

to flourish while in dialogue with our God


Communion is not in another place

Oneness is right here and right now in this place


“We are not enemies, but friends… passion may

have strained, it must not break our bonds of affection…”[2]

capitalism sees worth in the harvest

holiness achieves union with cultivation

[1] Abraham Lincoln (1861 Inauguration Speech)

[2] ibid

Be the Change

“Let us change

our lives, our minds and our hearts. 

Let us turn

our affections from wrongdoing to God.” [i]

To talk the talk,

I must

walk the walk

To be transforming,

I must

embrace being transformed.

Believe what I say,


it matches what I do.

I empower when I transform,


when I transfer, I transmit.

Take it personal,


be the change.

Let us strive

to satisfy Justice and Mercy

To make reparation and amend the way.

[i] Father Judge Meditations p. 97: line 18

Helper (Psalm 72)

Endow our leaders with your justice, O God,

   our children with your righteousness.

Judge your people in righteousness, and

   give the weak and vulnerable justice.

Bestow on us the majesty of the mountains,

   and the fruition of the orchards.

Defend the sick and wounded, and

   help our needy children

Her radiance will endure as long as the sun,

   Her presence as long as the moon,

   always in all ways.

She will nurture us like rain on a mown field,

   like showers watering the earth

   She will quench our thirst.

Long live God!

   For She is precious to us.

Pray to Her, and

   bless Her everyday in every way.

In Her days the just will flourish;

   prosperity will abound for all our time.

She will rule from sea to sea

   and to the ends of the earth.

Foreigners will bow before Her, and

   Her enemies will taste the sand.

Merchants from distant shores

   will bring tribute to Her;

Leaders of every nation

  will present Her with gifts.

Yes, the heads of nations will bow down to Her

   and all peoples will serve Her.

Alone Together

This new normal does not resemble

normal at all, it is abnormal.

We have been changed

and the way is different

Forced to be separate,

I long to comingle.

The stress of all alone,

makes me treasure being together.

I am not alone,

and we are not together.

A common threat,

creates unique responses.

My presence requires

careful listening.

My absence necessitates

persistent waiting.

Alone together spins


Putting up with and taking care of

a different way


Change takes a leap, not a jump –

It’s a heartfelt process.


My reflection tells the tale –

my neighbor’s health,

my planet’s well-being,

my cosmos’ animation.


That is who I am.

My whole is greater

than the sum of my parts

being one with differences creates harmony


I am what I say –

my “yes” must be “yes”

my “no” must be “no”

I must do and not just try.


Every voice has a place

Every insight needs an ear

Every answer questions

Every question confirms hope.


Practice makes the leap possible

submissive kindness

tender mercy

dynamic compassion


My heartfelt leap makes us one

Alone together we are beloved

Mother (Psalm 88 – 2)

Dear Mother, hold me,

I feel like I am all alone.

I pray that you will embrace me;

please turn to me, listen to my cry.


For my soul is full of trouble

and my life is seemingly hopeless

I am in the Pit; I have lost my strength.

I am weak and vulnerable,


Dear Mother, have you stopped putting up with me?

I need you and I want you.

Dear Mother, have you ceased to take care of me?

No one else can help me.


You are asking too much of me;

I am stumbling as if in the night.

I am overwhelmed, I have been knocked down,

I have lost my breath, and my heart aches.


Dear Mother, are you listening?

In joyous expectation, I want your embrace.

Dear Mother, will you show yourself?

In ardent confidence, I believe you are with me


Is your love always in all ways?

Are you with those who are in the Pit?

Are your wonders known in the place of darkness?

Is there righteousness in the land of oblivion?


Dear Mother, I beseech you

Listen to my prayer.

Am I all alone?

Why can’t I have peace and equanimity?


I am in pain and cannot go on like this!

Do not forsake me, do not let me despair.

I am falling, lift me up.

I am forlorn, console me.


Dear Mother, hold me,

I know I am not all alone.

Give me the compassion to see with your eyes,

and give me the kindness to hear with your ears.

Learned My Lesson

There are no apparent answers,

and absolutely, no solutions.

In fact, I am at a loss to respond.


What is the point? Purportedly.

there is always a point.

Some say an intelligent Mover.


If this is a plan, it is one lousy plan.

Am I to believe there is a lesson, here?

Is life just an unending problem?


I sit in the sun absorbing warmth,

listening for a fragrant sign,

looking for a sweet idea.


Then I realize life is not about

what I was or what I will be.

Life is who I am.


So, I finally get it;

you teach me by example –

live in the here-now.


Enjoy the moment,

regardless of the scene,

in spite of the notion.


I sit in the sun absorbing kindness

savoring the discord

sniffing the harmony


God is love

I abide in God

and God in me.

Kindness (Psalm 46)

Our God is our refuge and strength,
present to us in time of trouble.

Therefore we will not abide in the House of Fear,

though our minds be rattled

though our hearts quake,

though we be shaken to the core,

There is a stream from which we may drink,

We may sip and gulp with Her.

God is with us, no matter how dark the night;

She is with us and embraces at dawn.

All around us there is an uproar,

Nothing is as it should be;

She calls to us and we must listen.

She is with us;

we are the children of faith

Believe and see Her works,

She brings desolation to the dissident.

She makes willfulness cease;

She breaks the lie and shatters the pretense,

She tempers us with holy alchemy.

“Be quiet, listen, and know that I am God;

I am with you and your people,

I am with you always in all ways.”

I embrace you with consolation;

and your faith will have children.


Clearly, we have no sense of direction;

we are in the midst of blind leading blind.

The pandemic makes me Zoom to nowhere;

I have been undone by the new normal.


God is not here, why am I forsaken?

Even the car says “Compass No Response”!

I wonder how long it will take for God

to intervene and show me the new way?


So, I relax relishing the insight,

calmly moving ahead inside the box,

carelessly, conforming and complying,

continuing with essential business.


Then, I do ask for a change of status.

No compass was starting to bother me.

Directionless was disturbing oneness,

stopping me from enjoying harmony.


Finally, I grasped the expectation –

I must fully embrace my dissonance.

I make a move and reach forward fiddling

the connection by the rearview mirror.


Lo and behold my direction was back.

I smiled with gratitude for healing wounds.

Carefully, I will never be the same

my communion requires indifference.