Kindness (Psalm 46)

Our God is our refuge and strength,
present to us in time of trouble.

Therefore we will not abide in the House of Fear,

though our minds be rattled

though our hearts quake,

though we be shaken to the core,

There is a stream from which we may drink,

We may sip and gulp with Her.

God is with us, no matter how dark the night;

She is with us and embraces at dawn.

All around us there is an uproar,

Nothing is as it should be;

She calls to us and we must listen.

She is with us;

we are the children of faith

Believe and see Her works,

She brings desolation to the dissident.

She makes willfulness cease;

She breaks the lie and shatters the pretense,

She tempers us with holy alchemy.

“Be quiet, listen, and know that I am God;

I am with you and your people,

I am with you always in all ways.”

I embrace you with consolation;

and your faith will have children.


Clearly, we have no sense of direction;

we are in the midst of blind leading blind.

The pandemic makes me Zoom to nowhere;

I have been undone by the new normal.


God is not here, why am I forsaken?

Even the car says “Compass No Response”!

I wonder how long it will take for God

to intervene and show me the new way?


So, I relax relishing the insight,

calmly moving ahead inside the box,

carelessly, conforming and complying,

continuing with essential business.


Then, I do ask for a change of status.

No compass was starting to bother me.

Directionless was disturbing oneness,

stopping me from enjoying harmony.


Finally, I grasped the expectation –

I must fully embrace my dissonance.

I make a move and reach forward fiddling

the connection by the rearview mirror.


Lo and behold my direction was back.

I smiled with gratitude for healing wounds.

Carefully, I will never be the same

my communion requires indifference.

Yearn (Psalm 63)

O God, my Mother,

my heart yearns for you;

my soul desires you,

my body longs for you,

I am in a dry and dreary land

where there is no water.

I am still in your presence, though

Embrace me and give me peace and equanimity.

Your love is better than life,

I sing in harmony with you.

I walk with you always in all ways,

I feel the hug of your mercy and protection.

I am satisfied by the bread of life;

and my thirst is quenched with living wine.

Despite the most disturbing of night watches,

I cultivate my blessings and graces.

I sleep in calmness and rest assured

You are with me everyday in every way.

in the silence I feel your attendance.

My soul clings to you;

you hold the tension of pain and hope with me.

Take away my fear and doubts;

And give me courage, strength, and patience.

My enemies will be vanquished

My foes will be crushed.

My God and my Mother;

thank you for my angels,

thank you for embracing me

thank you for joyousness.

Don Kuhn

We met at the corner

and Don said “let’s go this way” –

on the labyrinth walk

Don mastered measured response.


Our paths crisscrossed often

often when I reversed course –

calm in adversity

Don had been there and done that.


In the labyrinth, the way

is clear and undefined –

a careful companion

Don was prepared to help.


We don’t know, what we don’t know

but we have-to move on –

a practiced gardener

Don cultivated oneness.


To get to the center

requires my persistence –

an accomplished artist

Don fostered my insight.


The zone is transient

and the walk continues –

objectively loyal

Don listened and affirmed.


I give thanks for Don’s presence

in making labyrinth turns,

which need a metanoia –

Don made a difference.

Redeemer (Psalm 88)

Our Mother, Queen of Heaven, hold me,

day and night I feel like I am all alone.

I pray that you will embrace me;

please turn to me, listen to my cry.


For my soul is full of trouble

and my life is seemingly hopeless

I am in the Pit; I have lost my strength.

I am weak and vulnerable,


Have you stopped putting up with me?

I am all by myself.

Have you ceased to take care of me?

There is no one to help me.


You are asking too much of me;

I am stumbling as if in the night.

you have overwhelmed me, and I have been knocked down.

I have lost my breath, and I cannot stand up straight


My closest friends are being driven away

They feel neglected and abandoned.

I feel trapped and cannot escape;

my eyes are sore with tears and my soul is filled with grief.


Dear mother, I call to you every day;

In joyous expectation I want your embrace.

Will you show yourself?

I believe you are with me, can I see you?


Is your love always in all ways?

Are you with those who are in the Pit?

Are your wonders known in the place of darkness?

Is there righteousness in the land of oblivion?


Dear mother, I beseech you

Listen to my prayer.

Why, am I all alone?

Why can’t I have peace and equanimity?


I am in pain and cannot go on like this;

I feel forsaken and I am in despair.

you have weighed me down with too much,

I cannot stand it anymore


All day long they surround me like a flood;

they have completely engulfed me.

My companions and loved ones are estranged from me;

Only darkness envelops me.

Communion with the Divine

Be with us, God, when we draw near,

your touch is neither severe nor fleeting.


Your arms and heart are open to us,

penetrating and permeating

with your will, tastes and temperament.


Be with us, God, when we draw near,

your touch is gentle and ceaseless.


Your enveloping embrace holds us

in communion with us always in all ways,

life received, lived, and surrendered.


Be with us, God, when we draw near,

your touch is passionate and complete.


We reach out with our whole being

to lose ourselves in divinity,

endless, incorruptible, and undefined


Be with us, God, when we draw near,

your touch is life-giving and love-bearing.

The Zone

Desolation is to be in disgrace

Consolation is to be in grace

Discernment is to embrace


Desolation is to be in disgrace

A static condition that negates affirmation –

Wavering thwarts choseness and denies direction


Consolation is to be in grace

A dynamic prodition that enables commission –

Complying facilitates commitment and creates liberation


Discernment is to embrace

A divine volition that engenders vision –

Empowering enjoins indifference and engages perfection


It takes both the disgrace of desolation,

and the grace of consolation –

to embrace discernment.

Sympathizer (Psalm 11)

With my Lady and my God I feel safe.

So no way will I flee like a bird.

The willful lay in wait, yes, and

they hide in the shadows ready to hurt

those who are faithful.

It might seem an impossible situation,

you may even be shaken in your core.

Fear not God is with you;

She accompanies us always in all ways.

She looks upon us as

a mother does her children.

She holds us close and embraces us,

but the arrogant, who love violence,

She does not draw near.

They will not know mercy, or

have protection

She loves justice; and

the humble will shine with her radiance


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Practice Kindness

“I am so anxious that you have

an invincible kindness”[1]


Show all sincere esteem

Give all the kindness

of gentleness and patience.


What joy we will live!

What blessedness we will have!

For kindness begets kindness[2]


What holds us? It’s love.

Bound by God’s love

Our hearts beat as one in the Spirit


Kindness begets peace and harmony

regardless of race or creed or orientation

even peoples with competing goals.


So, in kindness we deal true

Yes means yes and no means no.

As we deal, so He deals with us.


If we want mercy, we must be merciful.

If we want pity, we must pity.

If we forgiveness, we must forgive.


Kindness is integrity with mercy

Kindness is justice with compassion



[1] Father Judge Meditation page 120

[2] Ephesians 4:32


To go my own way

is to follow a path,

the path requires

practice and commitment.


To be on the way

is to be in the way.

The path is a way

to find the way.


To follow –

asks my heart

to attune,

tells my mind

to listen.


Ignoring the path:

dooms harmony,

destroys trust,

does harm.


I am not alone.

At turning points,

shared wisdom

promotes Us.


My way is unique.

The way I walk

is part of the continuum

of possibility.


To walk hand in hand,

to be shoulder to shoulder,

I must pay attention

to the way.


The way it’s done

is not absolute.

It is open to change –

I will never be the same