Cultivator (Psalm 8)

My Lady and our God,

   hallowed be your name on earth as it is in heaven

Your glory is confirmed by all the earth

   and throughout the cosmos.

Even from the mouths of babes

   we know the Truth,

   which silences our foes,

   and thwarts our nemeses

As I consider the heavens,

   part of your creation,

   yes, the moon and all the stars,

   part of the harmony of the beauty;

who are we that you would be present to us,

   why would you care about our children?

You have given us many graces and blessings

   and made us stewards of the earth

   to cultivate all life:

   the flocks and herds of the field,

   and the animals of the wilderness,

   the birds of the air, and

   the fish of the sea;

   every living thing.

My Lady and our God,    hallowed be your name on earth as it is in heaven


use without abuse

employ without exploiting

i support justice and serve mercy

i embrace sacrifice and abandon selfishness

without doubt, i leap with faith

with hope i relieve despair

light overpowers darkness

forgiveness overturns guilt

healing overwhelms injury

happiness overcomes sadness

to give undoes the dullness of apathy

to listen brings the courage of telepathy

to console takes the patience of sympathy

to love feels the strength of empathy

born again is a graceful dying

eternal life is a blessed always


Some say conflict is all good;

others say no good can come of it.

Yes, conflict can be


when confronted by selfish motives –

the adversity is viewed as conditions

to be dismissed or overcome.

Or, conflict can be

oh… so productive,

when accepted with shared intentions –

calmness persists in the adversity

to collaborate and cooperate.

The conflict conflicts

but the conflicted do not…

they react with measured response –

it is a time to bridge not silo

it is a space to listen not shout.

To make resolution requires

Patience with the cause of the conflict

Courage with the effect of the conflict

and Strength to end the conflict –

Life is not either/or, Life is both-and.

I say conflict presents opportunities

to work together in harmony.

Fondness (Psalm 24)

God is Love and we who abide in Love;

   abide in God and God in us.

She is Queen of all the earth over the land and under the sea

   She provides living water to everyone.

Who can ascend the hill of God?

   and who can stand in Her holy place?

Those who have clean hands and a pure heart,

   who keep their promises, and

   who do not worship false idols

They shall receive a blessing from God

   and live in harmony with Her.

Their faith will have children

   and they shall dwell in her presence

Lift up your heads,

   open your hearts,

   she is with us always in all ways

Who is this Queen of glory?

Our God, strong and faithful,

   our God, tireless and patient.

Lift up your heads,

   open your hearts,

   she is with us always in all ways

God is Love and we who abide in Love;    abide in God and God in us


We are not a melting pot

We are a salad

It is impossible to not have biases,

prejudice creates walls without bridges –

discounted persons live in exclusion.

Separate but equal is an illusion,

lip service is a pretend opening –

not excluded persons live in seclusion.

Walk the walk makes real talk the talk,

bridges with walls silos assimilation –

tolerated persons live in reclusion.

Working side by side and holding hand in hand

opens eyes, bends ears, and softens hearts –

Counted persons live in inclusion

“Get in good trouble, necessary trouble,

and redeem the soul of America.”[1]

[1] John Lewis on March 1, 2020 at Pettus Bridge Crossing Jubilee.


Yet Another Labyrinth

Strength sees possibilities

and births an idea from need to want –

seize the Opening and do

Patience and measured response

simply makes something of nothing –

Starting at the beginning

Courage endures failure

and remains calm in adversity –

embrace Closing and do not

Patience stretches expectation

cautiously changes and adapts –

ReStarting to go on with

Strength empowers success

preparation fulfills strategy –

ReOpening completes hope

Here I Am (Psalm 3)

My God, there are many who wish to undo me;

   many who want me undone!

   Many, who say,

   God is not on my side that She does not have my back


you are ruthless, my Lady,

   and seem not to care what happens to me

   as I go about your service.

So I cry out, “Here, I am,”

   answer me.

I am tired and need some rest;

   help me stay awake, help me rest assured.

I will not be afraid

   despite those who do not support me

   despite those who do not believe in me.

Rise up, my God

   and lift me up, my Lady!

Take the breath away of those, who would undo me;

   let them be undone without a vote.

Be on my side and have my back;

   let my prayer be:

   I have received many graces and blessings,

   give me more graces and blessings.

True Peace

God’s peace is not the world’s peace,

it is a true peace versus a fake peace.

The peace of God lives for the covenant,

the peace of the world lives for the transaction.

Peace pretenders grip competition.

Peacekeepers embrace cooperation.

They remain calm in adversity,

resigned to justice with mercy.

Peace pretenders make up opposition.

Peacekeepers are gentle and kind.

They remain humble in hardship,

with good will to their enemies.

Peace pretenders annoy allies.

Peacekeepers accept divergence.

They remain patient in service

soothing hurts and healing wounds.

The peace of God-is graceful and blessed.,

The peace of the world is empty and void,

World’s peace enables trivial triflings.

God’s peace empowers real freedom.


I have truth on good authority;

but, it’s relative and incomplete

and it cannot be tethered or bought.

Truth’s way is lit by obedience.

To obey creates peace and accord

and basks me in gentle Love’s soft Light.

I’m careful to nurture this virtue.

Obedience begets harmony;

disobedience ends in discord.

Obedience is freedom’s fulcrum,

the hinge of fierce and free submission,

life swings from it and pivots on it.

The dictates of my conscience obey

a sacred will without remorse.

Freedom is righteous obedience.

Willfulness has no authority.

Obedience sanctifies self-will

by upholding a sacred resolve.

“Obedience re-directs self-will…

It gives strength to the soul…

It spiritualizes one’s actions.”[1]

[1] Father Judge Meditations p. 224