mandatory social distancing

makes for hard times and empty spaces

the panaceas do not work

the heartaches are not quirks

virtually giving direction

toughens taking remote direction

the alone together approach

oxymorons the non-encroach

without help the tasks are joyless

the days have become aimless

thus i flounder and cannot flourish

wallow in the solitude and languish

so here i sit in utter resentment

hoping against hope for contentment

i long to sit cheek to cheek

to hear unmuffled speak

to express fully with pure release

with hugs and caresses of peace

with diminution will come bliss

and the delight of a pleasant kiss

Path of Holiness

Oh God,

I come before You to thank You for the gift of holiness.

I rediscover each day the graces and blessings bestowed,

to know how to witness to Your presence.

Yes, I am faced with difficulty and troubles

caused by illness or distress or sorrow.

Sustain me and keep me aware of the path to holiness,

a way of compassionate justice,

a way to grow in Love.

I pray as a child of Faith,

to remain attentive and respond with Joy

to the call You made.

I pray as a parent and a grandparent,

signs of my fatherhood and motherhood.

Oh God,

You entrusted me with the care of body and soul of my family

and I understand that the family can give the world well-being.

Grant that each family takes the path of holiness,

to be just and merciful

and answers the call to become apostles

in the service of Peace

and the confidence of Hope

in communion with all persons.

Indeed it is.


It is brainy to be a skeptic.

The mind sometimes needs to sort things out,

the variables are too confusing.

Better to wait than to take a chance.

And, it is hearty to be doubtful.

Something is off and shakes to the core,

commitment is just impossible.

Better to have heartfelt clarity.

It’s soulful to question character.

The person seems seedy and a con,

following violates my being.

Better to pray for revelation.

No good can come of hesitating.

Indeed, it defies logic – life – love,

The “principle” can never be more…

essential than imagination.

So true, “they who hesitate are lost”.

We must see, feel, and embrace ourselves –

Pray with clarity and take a chance

on the happenstance of happiness.


Dreaming dreams and seeing visions

transfigures us anew.

Embrace the change

and never be the same.

Due… to unintended consequences

it is futile to plan.

No matter how careful we are,

life happens and goes awry.

Prepare we must for needs and wants,

but not for a harvest.

we must cultivate space and time

to share and not hoard.

Cooperation is essential –

In order to share,

we must be intent on listening

and make all welcome.

We cannot fix but we can mend.

Accepting possibilities

and recognizing our differences

is integral to our wholeness.


He made his signature move

and said, “Do this in memory of me.”

Much easier said than done.

As was suggested, the key

is preparation,

just showing up – not enough.

First, the table must be set

sometimes simple, sometimes ornate

readied to be a center.

Then, to dress the part, washed up,

and vested,

maybe an apron or alb.

mise en place is required

anything missing spoils the effort…

all welcome at the table

Next, cooking accordingly –

no flavor lost, all complimented.

Taste and see… absorb the fragrance.

It is about the service:

I am not worthy to receive,

balanced by humility.

Each mouthful excites tastebuds

and graces the gut…

Sated all are satisfied.

The Covenant

I have been chosen by God

and I am grateful to be chosen.

God embraces me and blesses me

          and I accept the graces.

I am a part of creation.

God joyously expects me

to be a good steward

without demanding subservience.

I offer God my heart and soul,

open and submissive.

I offer God my mind and body,

          robust and vulnerable.

I remain supple and nimble

          avoiding fixedness

God abides in me

          and I in God


Waiting is not for me, you, or another…

Waiting is with me, you, and another.

Waiting listens with patience –

Aware of what is revealed.

A part while being apart,

hearing the sounds of silence,

continue to continue.

Waiting stands still with courage –

Attentive to needs and wants.

Abide despite abiding,

cultivating is the key

the harvest is a journey.

Waiting yields with good trouble –

Available to make well.

Aheading without a heading,

submitting in communion,

completes and fulfills the deed.

Waiting is not for there and then…

Waiting is in the here and now.

Cancelling Cancel

Well-intentioned Zero Tolerance

has created unintended consequences

“Political correctness”

is to be applauded

and it is an acquired skill

accompanied by shame and humility

Misread context creates

false positives

Thoughtless comments make

ill-fitting negatives

Youth makes mistakes

Anger violates civility

Separateness teaches inequality

Conceit blinds openness

What is done speaks to what is said

and that counts

The present updates the past

and that matters

If mistakes are embraced

If anger is subdued

If differences are acknowledged

If bias is recognized

Then a sincere apology should lead

to an environment of grace

Then genuine forgiveness should make

for a milieu of kindness

Openness and acceptance admit flaws

Treasured possibilities expand horizons

Eye of the Heart

Truth is in the dialogue

with my imagination,

which offers me

the possibility

of irrational objectivity.

Just as my insight changes,

so, too, my consciousness

reflects the nested reality

of whar makes me up –

and what I’m making up.

It helps me to see.

If I walk barefoot,

and absorb the power

of the creative force…

within without me.

The eye of the heart –

            listens attentively,

            touches carefully,

            smells intently,

            tastes completely.

Truth must be shared

to be real and satisfying.

Its light dispels reactivity

and radiates community –

Seeing with God’s eyes.

Always in All Ways (Psalm 139)

My Lady,

   You are in my bones.

   You are with me always in all ways;

   You embrace me and hold me close.

From the time I wake up until I go to sleep;

You are my companion everyday in every way.

Before a word is on my tongue,

   a thought in my mind

   a feeling in my heart

You accept it.

Can I escape from your Spirit?

   You surround me

   I am the center of your circle,

Can I flee from your presence?

   You have taken my hand in yours,

   we walk side by side

You are in my bones.

You are with me always in all ways;

You embrace me and hold me close

For you created me in you image and likeness;

Indeed, all your works are delightful,

   all is well and all will be well.

My soul is not hidden from you

   for, before I was made,

   your eyes saw my

    unformed body, mind, and heart.

Vainly I said, “Surely darkness will hide me,

   and I can hide in the shadows,”

however, it is futile to hide

   the darkness is not dark to you,

   there are no shadows in your light.

You are in my bones.

You are with me always in all ways;

You embrace me and hold me close

Take away my fears and doubts

   make me fierce and free

Hug me, O God,

   and relax my body,

   and temper my thoughts,

   and soothe my heart.