You Don’t Know, What You Don’t Know

There are always


on my life’s way.

What you don’t know

suggests honesty is needed

and humility is wanted,

in order to enjoy here-now.

The future waits –

how it turns out is up to you…

thanks to knowing there is unknown

it waits for you to create it.

No one knows all

it would be hubris to think so,

of course, some things are known for sure

wisdom apprehends its limits.

Lesson learned:

It is a delicate balance –

navigating unknown to known

and transversing known to unknown.

You don’t know, what you don’t know

requires insight –

Truth reveals.


Intervention much like

submission is misunderstood

and misrepresented.

Submission does not subvert;

and, intervention does not interfere.

Submission presents for approval.

Intervention promotes for harmony.

Having said that,

I abide by prepared but unplanned

Yielding is part of submission

Involvement is part of intervention

Indeed there are two standards

intervention accesses

both good through expectation

and bad through demand

The common good is served

by intercession and mediation,

Worldly gain obliges

with blocking and meddling

Evil  hampers and frustrates

with false hope and fickle faith

Enhancement and clarity

are  honored by the greater good

Catch 22

There are always


on my life’s way

It’s an excuse

to blame the system for problems

we sustain like; hierarchy,

patriarchy, misogyny.

Failure is inattentiveness;

not the unassailable wheels

promoted by random sanctions.

Assumptions are

just an unwritten influence

to avoid responsibility

and accountability,

Lesson learned:

between a rock and a hard place –

is not blocked by interference,

rather expects intervention.


is an absurd position –

do or do not, there is no try.

Zero Tolerance

There are always


on my life’s way

Zero tolerance

actually leads to openness.

In fact, we have-to be careful

with intolerant policy.

Our acceptance

suppresses biased opinions

and most fanatical causes

and keeps tribalism in check.

With inclusion

we claim the need to dialogue,

denouncing deceptive discourse

and eccouraging communion.

A lesson learned

Legislating intolerance –

an untenable position

stirring proper opposition.

Zero tolerance

makes me tolerant –

exceptions prove the rule.

Silence of Wonderment

In the silence of wonderment,

we listen with joy,

sharing the Good News,

and celebrating the Way

with harmony.

In the silence of wonderment,

“St. Joseph is a saint of few words…

learn from him charity of speech.”[1]

To be kinder and gentler,

speak well, and listen better.

In the silence of wonderment,

we listen with awe,

hearing what God hears,

and seeing what God sees,

opens us to the Beauty of creation.

In the silence of wonderment,

we listen with fear,

not with dread,

not with trembling.

but with good trouble.

In the silence of wonderment,

Jesus was obedient to them…  

and grew in wisdom and favor.[2]

Obedience leads to yielding,

submission makes us wise and favored.

In the silence of wonderment,

we listen with zeal,

embracing the abandoned,

and aflame with the charism,

our neighbor is welcomed.

In the silence of wonderment,

we listen with courage,

despite the noise of bewilderment,

hope abounds

and we rest assured.

[1] Meditations of Father Judge p. 95

[2] Luke 2: 51-52


Lack of support does not mitigate

the example of the Cross

To follow the Way one must strive

to enhance the Spirit. Indeed, deprive

the ego and in prayer thrive

Unselfishness is rarely pleasant

Without murmur or complaint be present

with personal consideration absent

“Blessed are the poor in spirit,

for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”[1]

Selflessness sets us free.

In generosity, do not be outdone

in being kind and gentle. One cannot outrun

the need and the want must be undone

Altruism attends to the other

nurtures as a goodhearted mother

but is careful not to smother

Serve the marginalized and abandoned

“in hard and difficult places –

where there is seemingly no hope.”[2]

The example of the Cross

is one of care and selflessness

[1] Matthew 5: 3

[2] Father Judge Meditations p102


A bridge connects

A wall separates

A wall is a barrier

that creates division

Severance prohibits inclusion

and exhibits seclusion

A bridge adjoins

that creates unity

Communion reports with sympathy

and comports with empathy

Spanning a chasm

makes the journey possible –

forth and back. back and forth –

life like love goes both ways.

Walls are partitions

that promote boundaries

Separation restricts concord

and constricts accord

Bridges are crossings

that promote openness

Exchange reduces separation

and induces cooperation

Walls conceal

Bridges reveal


I have been created

to be of service.

I have a mission to fulfill…

A mission, which only I can complete.

If I listen carefully and watch intently;

it will be clear and I will be present.

“I will pour out my Spirit on all.

Your children will prophesy…

your old will dream dreams”(Acts 2: 17)

I am filled with the Spirit

I prophesy and dream dreams

I embrace the Way.

“By the grace of God, I am what I am,

and that grace is not void in me.” (1 Corinthians 15: 10)

Blessed by God, I do what I do,

and that blessing is not empty. –

I am good, do good,

and a power for good. – (Father Judge)

“I know that when I come to you,

I will come in the full measure” (Romans 15:29)

in sickness and in wellness,

in perplexity and in certainty,

in grief and in relief,

in acrimony and in harmony.

The Greater Good serves…

my God, my neighbor, my being.

I treat others as I want to be treated,

as I need to be treated.

I must be aware to be attentive,

I am the image and likeness.

Indeed, it is.

Where There’s a Will There’s a Way

There are always


on my life’s way


the power fixed to willpower –

so powerless considering

the impact of circumstances.

Change is costly –

making things happen asks for help…

submission yields to harmony…

want and need must be in balance.

Obedience –

this union of wills cultivates

a way with dialogue, sharing

and openness to greater good.

Some lessons learned:

Headstrong can hurt the common good…

Process is collaborative…

The challenge inward is to change.

Where there is a will, there’s a way

includes my neighbor –

the Will is the Way.

Back to the Future

There are always

possibilities –

on my life’s way

The Truth restores

my heritage and my birthright.future

It’s not searching the unknown past

or finding the recent future.

Awareness yields…

Attentiveness sacrifices…

looking gently, hearing kindly,

speaking softly heals all the time.

Life’s legacy

opens the past to my future.

Thus I realize, what was, can be – 

I make a careful difference

Some lessons learned:

justice without mercy is unjust…

peace without compassion is chaos…

the challenge forward is to change.

Back to the future

is my here now –

I am and I was and I will be.