Detached, we have liberty…

unfettered of worldly accouterments,

and empowered by heavenly Will –

this is real life, freedom, and happiness.

“the virtue of evangelical poverty.

does not make us parsimonious, stoical,

or cynical, we do not despise those who

have means. It does not make us communists.”[1]

Possession puts us out of touch,

property keeps us out of touch,

coveting makes us out of touch –

this is ruining the world.

We are no more than dust in the Wind…

Charity pleases the Sanctifier,

soothes the Creator,

and enriches the Savior.

“Come, to me for you are blessed,

I was hungry, and you gave me to eat,

I was thirsty, and you gave me to drink,

I was a stranger, and you took me in.”[2]

Poverty puts us in touch,

poorness keeps us in touch,

asking for alms makes us touch –

this is saving the world.

Give, ask, and receive with liberty…

aware without judgment,

and attentive without cost –

this is real life, freedom, and happiness.

[1] Father Judge Meditations p. 299: line 7-8

[2] Matt: 25: 34-35


I am so distraught at the debacle round me.

Rest is difficult and the disquiet alarms me.

I am disheartened at my possible legacy

my children’s children will definitely be defiled.

Disenchanted by what I can actually do,

recognizing the futility of demanding,

I adopt a deescalate darkness decision.

In my bare feet, I wander outside and lay on Earth,

I listen to Wind, and I absorb the warmth of Sun,

Worry leaves me, solace abounds, and peace overcomes.

She supports me, She speaks to me, and He embraces me.

Peace Untamed is not wild… rather, prepared without plans.

In utter gratitude, I roll over to hug Earth,

I rise up and join Tree in having a catch with Wind.

In our Light, we all enjoy the company of Sun.

I am truly free, and so, do not count my blessings,

Love Untamed is of the heart and treasures communion.

Calming down, I relax and breathe easier with Friends.

Refreshed we make harmony and rest in Moment’s grace.


Unfocused hinders connecting scene and tone,

leads to impulse with attitude and left alone.

Unprepared creates crisis in space and time –

an uphill battle of endless treadmill incline.

So too, unintended consequences increase

as exploring the right course and right way decrease.

Wandering round in hopeless complication,

lost in the throes of a desperate situation.

Overloaded with too much information,

there is very little chance of transformation.

Thus, deterred despite a resolute resolve

disorder takes reign as circumstances devolve.

Preparation promotes participation,

focus provides a way for collaboration.

Giving direction encourages success,

more so taking direction stimulates progress.

What-can-be staggers the imagination,

concerted innovation fosters relation.

Groundwork and homework determine agreement,

rest for the weary comes after achievement.

Other People’s Time

It seems few account for being late –

they are unmoved by those who must wait.

Arriving late and blaming the road

paves way for lost moment,

forcing their presence as what is owed

leaves naught for enjoyment.

Starting with making the appointment

should not be done in haste,

not to prepare in time employment

can make for a big waste.

“Available” ain’t transactional.

I can’t restore the moment.

Yes, “attentive ” it’s irrational.

don’t punish or foment.

When the dawdler is unrepentant…

the ridiculous sublime.

goodness is waiting in contentment

for I do not have time.

Being there is an opportunity…

thus seizing the moment,

fulfills my responsibility

to prevent postponement.

Move early and avoid being late –

acknowledge and honor those who wait.

Centennial Prayer*

O God,

We uphold the legacy

of Father Judge, Mother Boniface, and Doctor Healy,

by fostering apostolic spirit and being a power for good.

O God,

Thank you, for the gift of charity

and the courage to preserve the Faith for all

Thank you, for the gift of zeal

and the strength to serve especially the marginalized

O God,

Empower us with the gift of humility

and the patience to enjoin everyone regardless of openness

Empower us with the gift of obedience

and the joy of witnessing to your love

O God,

Grant us communion as we consecrate ourselves

in the service of the Creator, Savior, and Sanctifier

always in all ways

Indeed, it is.

*The Missionary Servants of the Trinity are celebrating 100 years of service

Off Button

It is important not to run out of time,

and I realize for that to transpire,

I must be willing to make time and take time.

It comes as no surprise that to find new ways,

require me to remain undistracted,

and most importantly to re-invent ways.

Unprepared leaves me uneasy and anxious,

Protracted, though, gives me a heartache. – I brace

and commit to not being over-anxious.

I recognize that I must have an off-button,

embrace uncertainty, let go and let be,

just relax and release the have-to button.

After a rest, I’ll be refreshed and renewed,

free and available to community,

making time to take time, sight and sound renewed.

Moving On

Sometimes I forget

we follow a path

and must share the road.

We do it our way

but it’s not the way

and we’re not alone

So listen we must

to the call respond

and serve the have-to

We so want to stay

to stop the journey

and linger awhile

The path ahead is

unclear and obscured

and it twists and turns

Oh why can’t it be

the straight and narrow

no rights and no lefts

Despite aching hearts

we have to answer

and take the next step

Use our eyes to see

and our ears to hear

be better than right

Sadly we move on

happy to have met

those who share the road

Thankful for support

and resting assured

in shared hearts and prayers

So we continue

together apart

different paths same road

Let’s enjoy the walk

this is not good-bye

It is hello…


The moment between

action and reaction

gives truth a chance

            regardless of redaction.

That moment is suspended

            in scene and tone –

the sound in between notes

            a liminal zone.

That moment can be

            filled with ritual,

which leads response

             but it’s not perpetual.

That moment if lived

            with full indifference

makes a pivot

            to submit with reverence.

The truth of that moment

            sees with God’s eyes,

            hears with God ears,

and realizes reaction.


Reflection is in solitary –

wholeness for the self.

Transcendence is for community –

oneness in the other.

Exploring the darkness despite fear…

expectantly waiting.

Imploring the lightness for respite peace…

without demanding.

Contemplation centers –

twisting and turning mind and body.

Rumination rounds –

pushing and pulling  soul and heart.

“Oops” affirms accountability

and I change.

Quid pro quo yields responsibility

and God changes.

Mindfulness sees the possible

and embraces the need

Mindfulness dreams the impossible

and satisfies the want


The essence of dialogue

is to listen well.

Being heard, explicitly

promotes implicit communion.

Listening nurtures our story

and opens our eyes.

Listening sustains our being

and bridges our souls.

To listen well chooses life…

To give our ear finds love…

To take in another’s Word –

initiates wholeness.

Being quiet attunes the soul.

To affirm by listening

creates a forum

for the sounds of silence.

To listen with another’s ear

is a consummate grace.

Lobe to lobe is an intimate act

that hears what is heard.