Our Gift (next day repost)

The Child came to a world at Peace. The world today is in utter uproar –   “Shameless worldliness, frivolous pleasure, and brutal sensuality are the vogue.” [1] The unholy have the means … to disrupt our youth. Most alarming is their untruth corrupting innocence. Overcoming the tribal demand requires fervent resolve We can notContinue reading “Our Gift (next day repost)”

The Gift

The give of gift is in giving. Outside of needs and wants, inclusive of gentle kindness. Present with a present. The presenter surrenders and yields and asks to graciously receive. The receiver’s reception is in receiving The gift enjoins community, affirms with acceptance. Submission freely submits. The submitter does not demand a quid pro quo,Continue reading “The Gift”


Despite my crankiness, I am nourished by manna, and today, I have happiness. “When they measured it… the one who gathered much did not have too much, who gathered little did not have too little.”[1] Grumbling and grumpiness are expected. Still, complaints are heard and prayers answered, but misuse will spoil the gift and ruinContinue reading “Manna”