I am who I am, I stand here and now.   I loathe the dark and accept my shadow. I love the light and confuse clarity.   Sometimes my heart conspires with my will. Sometimes my mind overrules my body.   I straddle the truth. I live there and then.   Resistance is futile, to […]

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but what if…

To embrace our sacred Truth, cling to cleanliness of heart, it’s purity is for real. The willful and arrogant are impure and self absorbed, they only fake it, really. “Modesty has flown the world and decency is scoffed at” thus, the Truth is subverted. “I must do what’s right for me” is the credo of […]

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“Service, generous endless service, only true reverence will suffice.” giving kindness, even sacrifice, keeps me calm and not to be nervous. Yes, friendship’s cost I sometimes lament, it demands much and can be painful; and, often makes me cross and woeful. Such false self-love in that moment. No, that moment calls for self-giving and expects […]

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