Hopes (next day repost)

(based on Anima Christi by Ignatius Loyola) Breath of the Spirit, inspire me Body and Blood of Christ, nurture me Bounty of the Creator, sustain me Zealous Christ, strengthen me Sacrificed Christ, save me Risen Christ, restore me Your fiat moves me Your acceptance assures me Your perseverance encourages me Your wounds preserve me. HelpContinue reading “Hopes (next day repost)”

Abiding in Love (next day repost)

All that I am and all that I do is Yours. I yield to Your presence, I surrender to Your will, I abide in Your love I treasure Your blessings and revel in Your grace. I reflect Your truth and goodness. You have restored me to oneness with you. Embrace me fully. You give meContinue reading “Abiding in Love (next day repost)”

Give Me Grace (next day repost)

Jesus give me the grace to remember,           “all is gift, all is grace” I often expect you to intervene           and give me what I want. Instead rightfully and correctly           You provide me with what I need. I pray for peace and quiet to listen intently. I get a cacophony of distractions          Continue reading “Give Me Grace (next day repost)”


God, Help us recognize our failings           and forgive us our faults. Give us the grace to resist           the influence of affluence. God, Bestow on us the blessing           of resting assured in the comfort           of your compassion. God, We treasure the opportunity           to serve wholly, and we look forward           toContinue reading “Empower”


use without abuse employ without exploiting i support justice and serve mercy i embrace sacrifice and abandon selfishness without doubt, i leap with faith with hope i relieve despair light overpowers darkness forgiveness overturns guilt healing overwhelms injury happiness overcomes sadness to give undoes the dullness of apathy to listen brings the courage of telepathyContinue reading “Instrument”