Original Goodness

Preternatural gifts… predispose our privilege for zealous communion. We are one with God and perfect for each other… stewards sharing creation. In the image and likeness… we co-create, cooperate, and accommodate. Forked-tongue temptation harvests the quid pro quo… and makes us selfish. Instead, we must cultivate our relationships… and be eternally grateful. Struggle with andContinue reading “Original Goodness”


My God, Why do good things             happen to bad people? The common good             protects and serves             but objectifies. My God, Why do bad things             happen to good people? The common good             provides law and order             but judges without compassion My God, How can I be indifferent             regardless ofContinue reading “Goodness”

Thank You for Your Kindness

Unassuming and not easy, simple and not sleazy, gratefulness preserves from sadness… “Thank you for your kindness” Struggling with his luggage forward, she helped without a word. He smiled, relieved by the fineness… “Thank you for your kindness” To feel good, I watch what I eat, it’s not an easy feat. She bends the menuContinue reading “Thank You for Your Kindness”