“What are we but a shadow…
of ashes and dust,
a flower that blooms and withers”


there is no plan
and there is a way:
we are co-creators

the sacrifice
sanctifies all:
the reverse pathway

our perfection
is in being imperfect:
God gives grace

“We who abide in Love
abide in God
and God abides in us”


Let Go, Let God

It’s hard to give over control,
as if, I ever had control.
It’s hard to say, “I’ve lost control”,
assuming I was in control.

I’ve noticed some just want answers,
and there are really no answers.
I’ve noticed some make up answers,
despite questions without answers.

I cannot create solutions
grasping at straws aren’t solutions.
I cannot scope out solutions
best laid plans don’t make solutions.

Letting go takes a lot of work
exhausting and soul-jarring work.
Letting go goes beyond my work
it requires soul-searching work.

In time of trouble, “Let it be”.
I cannot construe, “Let it be”.
In time of triumph, “Let it be”.
giving Her credit, “Let it be”.


I hold onto being held –
let go without letting go.
Happiness is within reach
of open palm and spread arms

A closed hand makes a clenched fist,
which neither points or picks up
An extended hand shares life –
halving sorrows and doubling joy.

Embrace the Force that’s with us –
God’s presence is always present
Love is touching and feeling;
and hugging is hearts kissing.

The trees have leafy branches –
Elephants have flexing trunks –
Whales have soft underbellies –
All embrace our Mother’s love.

So to be heard listen well,
to be seen look carefully,
to be touched grasp intently,
to be loved share grace and peace.


Dress the part
Be the role

Team players dress in locker rooms
Putting on the uniform
All for one and one for all

Civil servants dress in precincts
Wearing badges on the chest
protecting and serving

Celebrants dress in sacristies
Donning multicolor vestments
Welcoming all to the table

Cooks dress in kitchens
Tying aprons and placing hats
Nourishing body and soul

Dancers dress in back rooms
Outfitting in suits and shoes
Beauty in motion

Talk the talk
Walk the walk


Waiting with patience for the scent,
the cat sat there calm and intent.
Eyes focused and breathing content;
she did not wonder what this meant.

Alone in the dark, poised for the pounce
waiting for the prey to announce,
she did not care who would renounce.
For mercy brings a happy bounce.

Alertly she ponders her nought;
but does not organize her thought:
the universal truth is not sought,
health and wellness cannot be bought.

Life continues thanks to tussle.
Undisturbed by other’s bustle,
she knows not to move a muscle;
but ready for the slightest rustle.

She holds firmly death’s dissonance’
and then shared life’s ripe resonance.
Thus blessed by her natural stance
happily she dances the dance.


Life and Light –
Weak and Bright –
Strong and Slight –
Death and Night

The Word abides Without;
we all suffer as one.
The sacred Heart enjoins
our every fiber.

Oneness and Fulfillment
is not blocked by levels.
Listen, our silent Sun
opens the unlocked Door.

The Word ascends Below;
we all suffer as one.
The sacred Heart pierces
our every fiber.

“…ness” and Enlightenment
is not a different Plane.
Stillness transforms the soul
absorbing whenceless Wind.

Life and Light –
Weak and Bright –
Strong and Slight –
Death and Night


Once and for all wholeness –
or all for one oneness
Perfection of being –
or reflecting meaning.

The first a higher call
asks one to find a way;
despite failure and fall,
to become what but may.

The second a consort
lets one travel the path;
Asea without a port,
less the power of math.

So I could stride alone
or we strive together.
chanting a lonesome moan –
or love without a tether.

One offers completion
and utter fulfillment;
the other communion,
and realized commitment.