Window of the Soul

To see, I must open my eyes.

To be seen, I must open my eyes.

The light cleanses by soul –

     purifying my imagination,

     reconciling my imagination.

I have eyes and see the light.

Myopia sharpens my focus.

Perspicacity hones my focus.

My soul becomes aware –

     one with attentiveness,

     whole with attentiveness.

With God’s eyes I examen.

The needs of life are realized.

The wants of love are realized.

Eyes wide shut, my soul peers –

     inwardly due to the light,

     outwardly due to the light.

Worthiness (Psalm 30)

My Lady, I give you praise

   lift me out of the depths

   and do not let my despair consume me.

My God, I call to you for help

   heal me.

My Mother, save me from ruination;

   do not abandon me.

I sing with the rest of the wholly holy to our Mother;

   And give her praise.

She holds nothing against us,

   and loves us unconditionally;

   I remember, that no matter how dark the night,

   there is always a dawn.

With her mercy and protection

   I feel safe and secure,

   I rest assured

My Lady, you have awakened my soul

   and made me fierce and free;

   I am vulnerable, though,

   and that fills me with fear and doubt .

I call to you, my Mother;

   I need your mercy and protection:

Please help me to be one with your beauty,

   and keep me from tumbling in the surf,

give me the courage, strength, and patience

   to be faithful.

Hear me, I am here;

   please dear mother, be my safe harbor

Turn my brooding ache into delicious hope;

   take away the hurt and give me equanimity,

Help me listen to the inaudible moans of your presence,   

and relax in your breath of life.


I believe I must be prepared.

Ready is where I begin.

The Law of Unintended

Consequences gives me pause

and makes my response measured.

Accommodation is needed,

cooperation is wanted,

readiness is being open.

The plan is not predestined,

I realize “Yes” affirms,

I validate “No” denies.

Ready prepares the way,

willing supports the choice,

able connects the dots.

With confidence I say,

“I am ready.”


I promise attentiveness from hereon,

first, I must listen from hear on.

Of course, this needs awareness herein,

second, I must listen hear in.

Hearing depends on being receptive,

listening to the difference of voices.

It is true those who have ears to hear.

My future relies on committing to hereon

Open to what-is makes me herein,

aspiring to what-will be is hereon.

Revering my whereabouts is hear in,

relating to my whereupon is hear on.

Hearing the spoken opens me.

Listening to the unspoken completes me.

My mind hears the sound that are loud and clear.

My heart feels the quiet that is in between.

From wind blows with dread,

the tree grows with trembling,

hereon needs hear on,

herein wants to hear in.

Yearn (Psalm 63)

O God, my Mother,

   my heart yearns for you;

   my soul desires you,

   my body longs for you,

I am in a dry and dreary land

   where there is no water.

I am still in your presence, though

   Embrace me and give me peace and equanimity.

Your love is better than life,

   I sing in harmony with you.

I walk with you always in all ways,

   I feel the hug of your mercy and protection.

I am satisfied by the bread of life;

   and my thirst is quenched with living wine.

Despite the most disturbing of night watches,

   I cultivate my blessings and graces.

   I sleep in calmness and rest assured

You are with me everyday in every way.

   in the silence I feel your attendance.

My soul clings to you;

   you hold the tension of pain and hope with me.

Take away my fear and doubts;

   and give me courage, strength, and patience.

My enemies will be vanquished

   My foes will be crushed.

My God and my Mother;

   thank you for my angels,

   thank you for embracing me   

thank you for joyousness.


Being in the moment

means prepared for now

The moment is not in

space and time – rather

it’s of heart and hope

Central to the moment

is to be rested

for rest is active

To say, “just a moment”

enjoins to engage…

wait in harmony

The moment unites us

sharing a moment

heals our separateness

Oneness is momentous –

collective caring

and gracious union

Being in the moment

means prepared for us


The lesson of creation is

“God had finished the work…  

so on the seventh day God rested”.[1]

Yes, that is the story’s message

at day’s end, the work’s done…

it’s time to be finished and rest.

Resting is not apathetic –

a time of not doing –

I must prepare to be restful.

Resting is regenerative –

a time of transforming –

Simply, I embrace restfulness.

What I do can make harmony,

but work creates havoc,

at day’s end I take time to rest.

I abide with what I create,

and God says that is good…

to abide perfectly I rest.

[1] Genesis 2:2

Cultivator (Psalm 8)

My Lady and our God,

   hallowed be your name on earth as it is in heaven

Your glory is confirmed by all the earth

   and throughout the cosmos.

Even from the mouths of babes

   we know the Truth,

   which silences our foes,

   and thwarts our nemeses

As I consider the heavens,

   part of your creation,

   yes, the moon and all the stars,

   part of the harmony of the beauty;

who are we that you would be present to us,

   why would you care about our children?

You have given us many graces and blessings

   and made us stewards of the earth

   to cultivate all life:

   the flocks and herds of the field,

   and the animals of the wilderness,

   the birds of the air, and

   the fish of the sea;

   every living thing.

My Lady and our God,    hallowed be your name on earth as it is in heaven


use without abuse

employ without exploiting

i support justice and serve mercy

i embrace sacrifice and abandon selfishness

without doubt, i leap with faith

with hope i relieve despair

light overpowers darkness

forgiveness overturns guilt

healing overwhelms injury

happiness overcomes sadness

to give undoes the dullness of apathy

to listen brings the courage of telepathy

to console takes the patience of sympathy

to love feels the strength of empathy

born again is a graceful dying

eternal life is a blessed always


Some say conflict is all good;

others say no good can come of it.

Yes, conflict can be


when confronted by selfish motives –

the adversity is viewed as conditions

to be dismissed or overcome.

Or, conflict can be

oh… so productive,

when accepted with shared intentions –

calmness persists in the adversity

to collaborate and cooperate.

The conflict conflicts

but the conflicted do not…

they react with measured response –

it is a time to bridge not silo

it is a space to listen not shout.

To make resolution requires

Patience with the cause of the conflict

Courage with the effect of the conflict

and Strength to end the conflict –

Life is not either/or, Life is both-and.

I say conflict presents opportunities

to work together in harmony.