The call to serve is simple:
“Do the will of the one who sends”

Submission stirs success.
Compliance creates concord.
Obedience grooms growth.
Deference defies discord.
Reverence requires rightness.

“Have confidence in your leaders
and submit to their authority,
for they keep watch over you…
Do this and their work is a joy, not a burden,
for that would be of no benefit to you”

“The self-willed person will say,
‘I will not serve,’ or
‘I will serve only so many times,’ or
‘I will serve only some time,
somewhere or so much.’ ”

Follow our will at our peril
‘our way or the highway’
leaves us on the side of the road
and no good can come of that
and destines us for the scrap heap.

Follow our heart and be happy
One and all, hand in hand
Leaves us all at the hallowed table
and only good comes of that
and destines us for graced blessings

The answer is simply this:
“With my whole-heart, I am all in.”


Do trees obey the laws of nature?
Do angels submit against their will?

Trees embracing the wind
branches harboring with joy

Angels do the best they can
both advocating and challenging

“Let it be”
Do no harm
Do the loving thing

“Union of wills”
Harmony of hearts
Symphony of souls

We cannot go it alone
We will not go along

Do my part
Accept your gift


We sing in unison, then
settle in to “Play ball”

He turns and squats before Her,
he bows his head and prays

“Help me”, he asks silently,
“I beg you, keep me whole.”

Ready, he springs to his feet,
filled with Her mercy

He plays with abandon
on his toes

He plays gracefully
with his heart

For the love of the game,
plays with Joy

She plays with him,
so, Life goes.

He does and does not,
there is no try.

For praying with him,
he tips his cap.

Common Life

Shoulder to shoulder, cheek by jowl
arm in arm, hand in hand

Love of God, neighbor, and self
in union with each other.
Zealous, holy, and graceful
not one, not two, together.

Share the have and the have-not,
bring something to the table.
Easy lefts and rigid rights,
rest assured something happens.

Keep the good news in your heart
with it “Sanctify your soul…
and measure and square and set
every thought and word and action”

Indeed the need of the one
is the want of the many.
And too, the want of the one
is the need of the many.

Practice peaceful piety
with mindful meditation
with spiritual reading
with reverence and unity

“Many wonders and signs were done,
all had all things in common.”


Sitting there in the Square
ruined and disheveled,
cloaked in drab failure,
passers by pass by

One stops and stoops
and with extended hand
says, “Tell me about it,”
and sits to listen.

“I took the coin
and I ran, spending it all
without care, and by myself,
I was a winner.

Now, look at me,
I am wrecked, I have nowhere
to go, and no one to see,
I am so ashamed.”

“I feel your pain,
you are so down for the count
and there is no magic wand
to make it OK

All is not lost,
but there ‘ain’t nothin easy’
the past does not dictate
the future, you do.

Be happy, and follow your heart,
your here is on the ground,
your now is letting go
your joy is mercy”

Their eyes locked,
and they embraced the moment.
Feeling worthwhile, they parted
to each their own way.

For God’s Sake

Obedience is the harmony of wills,
taking the will of another
doing the will of another

Obedience is not blind
Submission is not imposed

A delicate balance this compliance:
going along and going alone,
some of me and some of them,

What’s in it for me? Oneness
Timing is everything,
the union of not one-not two

Obedience is not either-or
Submission is not one way

Unprepared we hesitate,
if we hesitate we lose;
to be caught one must catch

“ ‘Nothing is impossible with God
and the power overshadows you’;
and, she said ‘Let it be’ ”

Obedience is holding on
Submission is letting go


I’ve been here for a while.
There ain’t no way out,
I don’t see a way out.

There are always possibilities

There’s no sign of life.
It would seem I can’t get out,
I don’t see a way in.

Seize the moment, be the belief

This must be the end.
I’ll never hug again, never sleep again,
I don’t see any way at all

If you believe, you will see.

“Lazarus come out”