The Covenant

I have been chosen by God

and I am grateful to be chosen.

God embraces me and blesses me

          and I accept the graces.

I am a part of creation.

God joyously expects me

to be a good steward

without demanding subservience.

I offer God my heart and soul,

open and submissive.

I offer God my mind and body,

          robust and vulnerable.

I remain supple and nimble

          avoiding fixedness

God abides in me

          and I in God


Waiting is not for me, you, or another…

Waiting is with me, you, and another.

Waiting listens with patience –

Aware of what is revealed.

A part while being apart,

hearing the sounds of silence,

continue to continue.

Waiting stands still with courage –

Attentive to needs and wants.

Abide despite abiding,

cultivating is the key

the harvest is a journey.

Waiting yields with good trouble –

Available to make well.

Aheading without a heading,

submitting in communion,

completes and fulfills the deed.

Waiting is not for there and then…

Waiting is in the here and now.

Cancelling Cancel

Well-intentioned Zero Tolerance

has created unintended consequences

“Political correctness”

is to be applauded

and it is an acquired skill

accompanied by shame and humility

Misread context creates

false positives

Thoughtless comments make

ill-fitting negatives

Youth makes mistakes

Anger violates civility

Separateness teaches inequality

Conceit blinds openness

What is done speaks to what is said

and that counts

The present updates the past

and that matters

If mistakes are embraced

If anger is subdued

If differences are acknowledged

If bias is recognized

Then a sincere apology should lead

to an environment of grace

Then genuine forgiveness should make

for a milieu of kindness

Openness and acceptance admit flaws

Treasured possibilities expand horizons

Eye of the Heart

Truth is in the dialogue

with my imagination,

which offers me

the possibility

of irrational objectivity.

Just as my insight changes,

so, too, my consciousness

reflects the nested reality

of whar makes me up –

and what I’m making up.

It helps me to see.

If I walk barefoot,

and absorb the power

of the creative force…

within without me.

The eye of the heart –

            listens attentively,

            touches carefully,

            smells intently,

            tastes completely.

Truth must be shared

to be real and satisfying.

Its light dispels reactivity

and radiates community –

Seeing with God’s eyes.

Always in All Ways (Psalm 139)

My Lady,

   You are in my bones.

   You are with me always in all ways;

   You embrace me and hold me close.

From the time I wake up until I go to sleep;

You are my companion everyday in every way.

Before a word is on my tongue,

   a thought in my mind

   a feeling in my heart

You accept it.

Can I escape from your Spirit?

   You surround me

   I am the center of your circle,

Can I flee from your presence?

   You have taken my hand in yours,

   we walk side by side

You are in my bones.

You are with me always in all ways;

You embrace me and hold me close

For you created me in you image and likeness;

Indeed, all your works are delightful,

   all is well and all will be well.

My soul is not hidden from you

   for, before I was made,

   your eyes saw my

    unformed body, mind, and heart.

Vainly I said, “Surely darkness will hide me,

   and I can hide in the shadows,”

however, it is futile to hide

   the darkness is not dark to you,

   there are no shadows in your light.

You are in my bones.

You are with me always in all ways;

You embrace me and hold me close

Take away my fears and doubts

   make me fierce and free

Hug me, O God,

   and relax my body,

   and temper my thoughts,

   and soothe my heart.

In the Darkness

It is not clear – the way to go

It is not blocked, the path is clear.

It is unclear because darkness…

obscures the given direction

Despite this, I must venture forth,

step aheart into the darkness,

with courage embrace the unknown,

engaging what I do not know.

“Be not afraid” is a mantra –

helpful to proceed with safeness.

Darkness surrounds and envelops,

but does not impede or deter.

Yes, darkness is a space holder.

In darkness, I see possible.

With darkness, I find openness.

Darkness helps me explore the way.

I adjust my eyes for darkness…

and I listen attentively.

I hopefully wander about

available to all that is.


We start each day alone.

Be aware and be attentive.

Be aware that those who cross your path

is the image and likeness.

Be attentive and honor all

and yield not to discouragement.

The Spirit drove him forth into the desert.”[1]

Prayer and fasting opens us

This rite of passage tests –

If we listen, we are changed.

“I do not know what God is speaking –

what the Spirit is speaking – that is God’s secret.

Listen to His voice. Be in that solitude

and open your heart to Him.”[2]

Jesus says, “Come with Me.”

He needs us to rest…

He wants us to watch…

He expects us to embrace.

We are not worthy

but he is willing to heal.

With him we have zeal

to live and die for the Truth

The Presence satisfies

We bathe in the Light.

[1] Mark l: 12

[2] Father Judge Meditations p3: lines 13-16


Just sayin’, “no problem”, does not help.

There is a tendency to dismiss

problems, by suggesting they are not,

what they are: an issue to deal with.

Time and time again problems remain.

Unless trouble is responded to,

these issues will not resolve themselves.

Just sayin’, “no problem”, does not help.

Unacknowledged problems will fester,

and will generally thwart success,

issues can make circumstances worse.

Problems annoy, but just pretending

they have no bearing on the future,

is like sticking one’s head in the sand.

“We have a problem” is helpful,

Confronting problems aids to solve them,

creating a container for them,

making possibilities likely.

So, admitting there is an issue,

truly halves problems and doubles joys.

Assistance creates advocacy.

“We have a problem” is helpful,

Stopping and dealing with the issue

makes it viable to find a way.

Sharing problems fosters real answers.

Facing the dilemma forces us

to be engaged in the solution.

If not fixed, at least mended or healed.


Success is not by number assessed.

Success is by commitment possessed.

I do wonder how good I have done.

I doubt it is in more the merrier.

I believe what counts is having fun.

There are those who would fully dismiss

this hard to accept success notion.

I submit fun is getting a kiss.

Success is so rarely effortless,

and is sometimes even unwelcomed,

but the fun is simply measureless.

Completion is not transactional.

Fulfilment ends in consummation.

Consequences embrace actual.

Fun makes me feel very lighthearted.

Fun is in every way wholehearted.

Forgive and Forget

I am asked to forgive

those who have offended me

This is not easy,

when there’s no reparation;

and even harder,

when there’s no preparation.

I am asked to forget

what I have forgiven

This is possible

but difficult to realize.

It requires imagination

and a penchant to idealize.

Truth is not transactional

Truth is a revelation

Being right needs a process

a commitment to cooperation

correctness wants oneness

a willingness for collaboration

Reality is not a consensus

Reality is shared being

Being real needs acceptance

We are chosen to behold

Authenticity wants awareness

Listening to what is told

Forgiven defies logic

Forgotten rejects objectivity

No matter what the record says

Life goes on and walls fall

Looking past the past means

Love of neighbor bridges the call