but what if…

To embrace our sacred Truth,
cling to cleanliness of heart,
it’s purity is for real.

The willful and arrogant
are impure and self absorbed,
they only fake it, really.

“Modesty has flown the world
and decency is scoffed at”
thus, the Truth is subverted.

“I must do what’s right for me”
is the credo of the day;
and, life becomes “but what if…”

Some teachers fill our children
with the most selfish of thoughts —
crushed and smothered are their hearts.

With forked tongues, they teach the young,
“what’s in it for me” drivel
causes their hearts to shrivel

We have just this antidote:
“Where evil abounded,
grace did more abound.”

So, embrace the young ones and
immune them from perilous
willfulness and arrogance.

Yes, cling with a pure, clean heart,
and edify our children,
help them realize the Truth

Streets of San Francisco

What goes up,
must come down.

Obvious but not easy,
unappealing and so hard,
indeed, for sure, a daunting walk,
that’s the rub.

An unfaltering brisk pace,
that’s unlikely to happen:
difficult climbs and descents.
exhaust me.

What’s the point of the steep grade?
Going up is a tiring task!
Going down is a forced run!
Why, then why?

Climbed with effort and without respite,
these hills: make pilgrims worthy:
for they reveal buena vistas,
real realms realized.

Justice and Mercy

Justice speaks the truth
Mercy hears the truth

Justice is blind
with his ears covered
Mercy is shocked
with her mouth covered

Justice gives nothing
and takes it all.
Mercy has nothing to give
and gives it all.

Mercy listens with respect
and convenes with a fiat
Justice will not hear of it
and adjourns with a quid pro quo

Mercy has the last word,
“Here I am”
Justice has final word
“Guilty” or “Not Guilty”

Justice is truly heard
Mercy truly listens


A most pleasing gift is piety —
it’s faithful without anxiety,
submissive and yet non-demanding,
always prudent while promise keeping.

I want to be that pleasant present
and unwrap myself with assent,
not bowed with denial in my heart
to grieve the undone good of my part.

I regret the loss through my neglect,
and worse my self-serving disrespect,
“I rue piety that finds no time
for good towards others or the sublime”

I seize the joy of my carefulness
and even more so my gratefulness.
As I am disposed; so, I am filled
with good towards all and Love instilled.

Thus honored and blessed to share the light;
I must be present and in plain sight.
I have been chosen to do some good
to understand the misunderstood


Justice speaks the truth

Justice is blind
with ears covered
Mercy is shocked
with mouth covered

Justice gives nothing
and takes it all.
Mercy takes nothing
and gives it all.

Mercy listens with respect
and convenes with a fiat
Justice will not hear of it
and adjourns with a quid pro quo

Mercy opens a dialogue,
“Here I am”
Justice closes the book
“Guilty” or “Not Guilty”

Mercy truly listens


My greed is the world’s desecration
poverty is my consecration.

Poorness is a grace and a blessing,
and it makes me uncomfortable
but living it beyond professing
is courageous and admirable

The perfection of my poverty
is to ignore the earthly needing
or wanting to own some property
and to expect while not demanding

“As you know even though he was rich,
out of love for you he became poor,
in order for you to become rich
he made the sacrifice to be poor”

So, perfection of my poor being
is having need without attachment
using without being exploiting
and expecting without entrapment

Renounce what’s not strictly required,
accept without acknowledge wanting,
give affection without hugs suffered,
grant without affirmation needing

So, to have and to hold this blessing
I cherish and practice common life,
make time to share in ardent praying,
and share space with those who live in strife

“Give help to our needy and our poor
ask for the grace to rest assure”


I have truth on good authority;
but, it’s relative and incomplete
and it cannot be tethered or bought.

Truth’s way is lit by obedience.
To obey creates peace and accord
and basks me in gentle Love’s soft Light.

I’m careful to nurture this virtue.
Obedience begets harmony;
disobedience ends in discord.

Obediencesubmission is freedom’s fulcrum,
the hinge of fierce and free submission,
life swings from it and pivots on it.

The dictates of my conscience obey
a sacred will without remorse.
Freedom is righteous obedience.

Willfulness has no authority.
Obedience sanctifies self-will
by upholding a sacred resolve.

“Obedience re-directs self-will…
It gives strength to the soul…
It spiritualizes one’s actions.”