be prepared be aware be ready be available Doing whatever it takes to be present. Willing to provide comfort and consolation. welcoming helpful gentle pleasant Making it so that the stranger feels at home and at ease. Creating space for neighbor to sense warmth and kindness. hospitality needs to be generous wants to be kindContinue reading “Hospitality”

Presentation Is Everything

Faltering and rambling words make for going away with much confusion. Hunched shoulders and a humped back make for coming across as weak and unsure… Disorganized presenting makes for no buy-in, no trust, and no support. A bad presentation muddles what is done, belies why it’s done, obscures how to do it. Exact and explicitContinue reading “Presentation Is Everything”

Back to the Future

There are always possibilities – on my life’s way The Truth restores my heritage and my birthright.future It’s not searching the unknown past or finding the recent future. Awareness yields… Attentiveness sacrifices… looking gently, hearing kindly, speaking softly heals all the time. Life’s legacy opens the past to my future. Thus I realize, what was,Continue reading “Back to the Future”

The Gift

The give of gift is in giving. Outside of needs and wants, inclusive of gentle kindness. Present with a present. The presenter surrenders and yields and asks to graciously receive. The receiver’s reception is in receiving The gift enjoins community, affirms with acceptance. Submission freely submits. The submitter does not demand a quid pro quo,Continue reading “The Gift”