Blessedness (Psalm 1)

Blessed is the person

who attends to companions,

or follows the way of collaborators,

or joins the ecstasy of grace.


The faithful delight in our covenant with God,

and meditate on Her wisdom day and night.


The hopeful are like a tree planted by streams of water,

which yields its fruit in season,

its leaf does not wither,

its branches absorb the breath of God.


Not so the disruptive!

They are like chaff that the wind blows away.


Therefore, the troublesome will not rest assured,

the faithful will have untroubled hearts.

the troublemaker’s fruit is perishable,

the hopeful She watches over

and they will endure forever.


  • my next book coming out in a few weeks is a collection of Psalms I have “rewritten” in my own voice


Submission goes two-ways

there is a reverse pathway.


Yielding requires Resilience,

communication commences,

when paying attention

includes being heard.


It all starts with sincere Dialogue,

which is mostly listening.

Being open is affected,

when the other’s words take effect.


Self-realization begins with Sharing,

give and take

is putting up with,

and taking care of.



To submit is genuine Obedience,

which is a union of wills,

rather than subjugation,

or blind compliance.


There is a reverse pathway

Submission goes two-ways.