Leap of Faith

I am this impossibility:
my oneness trumps the universal;
yes, I am not lesser but other.
God is not less than or subject to
the declarative demonstratives –
the one for all and all for one rules;
so too, I have union with our God
without the commandments placebo;
so too, Abraham is not condemned.

Some philosophers have made systems
that explain and justify our lives;
schemes based on the assumption that all
are the same; but, Abraham is not.
He acts absurdly, outside reason;
it is not beyond imagining,
but it is unimaginable.
Poor, poor Isaac, how can Abraham
be other than the universal?

Universals need not apply, here.
His sacrifice is a moment of —
faith not objectified by reason.
So, this test is not a heinous act;
his obedience to God is a
teleological suspension
of the ethical. It is just like,
a horse being lead to water; but…
Abraham is not forced to believe.

This paradox can’t be justified;
either on the ground, or in the sky.
If Abraham rationalizes;
either the sacrifice is not made,
or he repents for sacrificing.
He’s chosen and takes a leap of faith.
By virtue of that absurdity,
Isaac remains his father’s son, and
Abraham neither kills nor saves him.

Thus, the melancholic Dane says, “I
admire him more than all others”

Justice and Mercy

Justice speaks the truth
Mercy hears the truth

Justice is blind
with his ears covered
Mercy is shocked
with her mouth covered

Justice gives nothing
and takes it all.
Mercy has nothing to give
and gives it all.

Mercy listens with respect
and convenes with a fiat
Justice will not hear of it
and adjourns with a quid pro quo

Mercy has the last word,
“Here I am”
Justice has final word
“Guilty” or “Not Guilty”

Justice is truly heard
Mercy truly listens


She is above the law
and does not wear a badge.
she is beyond the rule
and does not need a shield.

With wide open eyes,
she mocks blind justice.
With wide open arms,
she gives peace and mercy.

Without empty threats,
she feels my pain with me.
Without leaving a scar,
she uses a velvet glove.

True to the alchemy,
she transforms love to life.
True to the incarnation,
she instills life with love.

Being of nothingness,
Force to be reckoned with,
Mother, daughter, sister
Wisely says, “Let it be.”

Dim the Din

Deafening silence
defies demanding.

Dwell in the moment,
doubt not the Word, with
discernment is clad.

I am not searching,
I am travelling
with friends commingling.

Demurred distractions
Dismissed – be still, a
delicate voice speaks.

Past informs present —
Listen with intent
and silent assent

Duped not by “owned”, I,
despite the “story”,
dissent for our Us.

Watch for openings,
embrace the goings,
enjoy the comings.

Deliberate words
determine my here,
define my how, now.

Divine disposing
directs me calmly.

The Idea

“the thing is to find the truth
which is true for me”

Indeed, I am an idealist
and I will tilt at windmills;
however, I must keep it real.

Some would rather be mad than pleased;
some would rather worry than be happy.
As for myself, I do not judge.

Indeed, I am very loyal
and I will stand in harm’s way;
however, I must be for real.

Some say one thing and do nothing;
some do one thing and say nothing.
As for myself, I do the deed.

Indeed, I am kindhearted
and I’m hoisted on my petard;
however, I must be the real deal.

Some see many problems and stall;
some stall and make many problems.
As for myself, I give mercy.

“the thing is to find the idea
for which I can live and die”


Waiting with patience for the scent,
the cat sat there calm and intent.
Eyes focused and breathing content;
she did not wonder what this meant.

Alone in the dark, poised for the pounce
waiting for the prey to announce,
she did not care who would renounce.
For mercy brings a happy bounce.

She ponders what’s to be caught;
but does not organize her thought:
the universal truth is not sought,
health and wellness cannot be bought.

Life continues thanks to tussle.
Undisturbed by other’s bustle,
she knows not to move a muscle;
but ready for the slightest rustle.

She holds firmly death’s dissonance’
and then shared life’s ripe resonance.
Thus blessed by her natural stance
happily she dances the dance.


Pat and Chris were already home,
when she awoke from her short nap.
She sauntered into the kitchen
and took in the smells of dinner,
and, expressed her satisfaction
with a nuzzle of approval.

She settled back on her haunches
and then with perfect alertness
she sniffed as they prepared supper.
Moving her nose from side to side,
she drew in the aromas and gave
a sweet nuzzle of gratitude.

All were welcomed to the table.
Afterward, they followed her lead,
and walked behind her through the door.
With a deep breath, they all inhaled.
The air, the ground, the tree received
a short nuzzle of harmony.

Carefully and exhaustively
she smelled everything on their way,
so as to absorb their fragrance.
Sometimes she would pause at a spot,
quaffing with her nose a sustained
prolonged nuzzle of recognition.

Further on, she would nod her head
and with her nose down ask to stay.
Aware of another’s passing,
she would mark the spot with her scent,
to greet all who returned this way,
a welcome nuzzle of consent.

The Will of God

“Don’t worry,” the young one said,
“I’m getting to you by the labyrinth.”

There is a lesson in these words –
I want to be told, what to do,
to be clear on my directions;
but as I walk life’s labyrinth,
it is clear that is not the case.

So, these words teach and assure me –
The way is cooperation
with many twists and reversals.
The labyrinth is not a path;
it is a way through to oneness.

We are not alone on the walk;
we share with many travelers.
Sometimes we wait; sometimes they wait.
Sometimes we clear the way for them;
and, sometimes they show us the way.

We cannot change where we have been
or worry where we are going.
Like the wind, we are God’s presence –
sometimes gentle and merciful;
and, sometimes strong and reckoning.

So the young one’s promise rings true –
God does not tell me what to do,
and yet, Her directions are clear;
“Be happy,” and “Be not afraid,”
this is the way to Her in the labyrinth.


It was a harsh winter
record snows
record lows

I absorb the sun’s warmth
enjoying the kindness
I am content

It was a harsh winter
money woes
money blows

I bask in the sun’s brightness
peacefully enlightened
I am at peace

It was a harsh winter
wrinkled toes
wrinkled nose

I rest with the sun
embracing the stillness
I have mercy

It was harsh winter
ruined clothes
ruined goes

I sit still for the sun
calm and relaxed
I am happy