The Parable of Going the Wrong Way the Right Way

Living a blessed life is being able to go the wrong way the right way. Who of these travelers is living a blessed life?

A traveler realizing she is going the wrong way, and will be very late for her meeting, panics and makes the next right off the highway deciding to take local roads to her destination. She knows where she is, and she knows she has to change direction, but she is not sure which way to turn next. She makes a right turn at the next intersection, and starts looking for a familiar landmark. After several minutes, she realizes that she is still going the wrong way, that she is very lost, and that she will miss the entire meeting.

Another traveler realizing he is going the wrong way, and will be very late for his meeting, decides to take the next exit that lets him make a U-turn. Unfortunately, that was three exits down the road and it takes him many miles in the wrong direction before he can turnaround. Finally, he reverses his course and circles back to where he was at the beginning of his journey.  Unfortunately going back took a long time and there is no way he will make the meeting.

Yet another traveler realizing she is going the wrong way, and will be very late for her meeting, remains calm and resolves to take this way despite that it is a long way in. She knows that she is going way out of the way and that she will be late. However, she knows that her presence is important to the group and that they would rather have her come in late than not at all. So, she continues on the wrong way recognizing that it is, at least, a way.

The final traveler realizing he is going the wrong way, and will be very late for his meeting, tries to make up for lost time and put the “pedal to the metal”. He speeds up, significantly exceeding the speed limit, and gets pulled over by a trooper for not only speeding but reckless driving. Regrettably, being stopped makes him even more hopelessly late and he will miss the entire meeting.

Turn, Turn, Turn

It had been chilly

for the past couple of mornings

and today seemed cooler still.

So, for the first time this season

I put my coat and hat on –

to go forth.


I opened the door

and felt the soft kiss

of a breeze caress my face.

The morning air was indeed brisk

but at first I did not recognize –

what it meant.


And then I realized

that this is the day this year

the first morning of actual cold.

As I exhaled and saw my frosty mist,

my heart gladdened, eagerly my step quickened –

breath is here.


Unaware of the occasion

dad was at the kitchen table

eating his breakfast cereal.

Heartily, I burst in

barely able to contain my joy –

winter is.


Warming to the task, he got up

and said let’s do it

we went outside and bowed to each other

and then exhaled in unison

as our mystic breath commingled we enjoined –

“Hello, breath”


We stopped and shared the moment

getting ready to make friends warm

a kind of smelling the flowers.

We smiled in heartfelt gratitude

for each other and for the cold –

and for breath.


Good News

Paul says, “When I was a child,

I talked like a child,

I thought like a child,

I reasoned like a child…”


The truth was incomplete –

the covenant was a contract.

God’s intervention was a quid pro quo

and my understanding was delusional.


“When I grew up…”

I talk like a grown-up,

I think like a grown-up,

I reason like a grown-up.


The Truth is more complete –

the covenant is a bond.

Mercy completes justice

and my heart is moved by kindness.


Thus, the news is incredibly good:

the incarnate one makes a Way

that repairs what had been asunder

that restores what had been lost.


God’s unconditional love

gives us the grace

to live in blessed harmony

with unconditional responsibility.


Yes, life is full of give and take

thankfully, Love transforms tit-for-tat

and seasons justice with mercy.

Indeed, “we are saved.”

Q & A

The questions we ask make the answers we get.

So, we must pay attention and listen first.

Being ruled by the numbers, misses ourselves.

Calculated assessment is meaningless


Rain measured in volume and duration

makes life an endless series of droughts and floods.

Soaked by the rain and absorbing its wetness,

be filled with life as we share being blessed.


Work reckoned by earnings, hours, and title

makes life a servile drudgery without joy.

Humpday and Friday are opportunities

to enhance the community with our presence.


Trees judged by height and girth of branches and trunk

makes life a process of selfish timbering.

Following their lead, embrace the breath of God,

thereby know from whence we came and where we go.


Home compared in square foot and number of rooms

makes life futile competition with next door.

Homemade completes all for one and one for all.

Simple harmony treasures love of neighbor.


The Wind whispers,

sometimes softly,

sometimes loudly.


Sometimes She pushes me along.

Sometimes She pushes me back.


She caresses me

with a gentle warm breeze.

She throttles me

with a blustery cold gust.


To hear Her word,

I must listen,

for I know not

from whence She came,

or where She goes.


I listen to Her rolling sound

that resonates.

I absorb Her breath of life

that permeates.


I rest assure in silence

for she speaks

to all for all.


Alas, our tapestry is ripped;

but, we’re not irreparable.

Woven and inseparable,

part of the cloth, we can’t be snipped.


Fashion glorifies the rend,

the world marginalizes tears.

Separation shreds without cares,

love, though, is the cloth on the mend.


Knitting a patch is not magic.

Despite feeling so abandoned;

our unlovedness is unreasoned.

We are part of the same fabric.


Even though threadbare and worn through,

we must commit to find a way.

Make amends in the light of day

refresh our interweave anew.

Poured Out

The Cup is filled

holding the poured out

uniquely the same


The Cup overflows

overwhelming the poured out

capacity exceeded


The Cup is drunk

one with poured out

thirst satisfied


The Cup is shared

enjoined by the poured out

never forget


The Cup is empty

unbroken by the poured out

it is finished


I left the house and strolled

into the abyss of darkness

that seemed impenetrable.


Nothing blocked me or made me

want to turn back but clearly

what was ahead was obscured.


To find my way through the black

was going to take time and effort

and a different set of eyes.


I picked up the scent of holy

and focused on following its fragrance

as I went my way into the night.


I walked and walked alone together.

Alone With



be not



in the sky,

the moment,

on the ground


alone, with friends,

to mountain go,

and pray with them

in their presence


be oh so happy

and be oh so sad,

submit and obey,

never be the same

woozy wobbly be


Love’s shining Light

in union are,

not one not two

with companions


take care of,


put up with


I’m pleased

with you