House of the Lord (Psalm 15)

My Lady,    Who may live in the House of Love?    Who may dwell in your Presence? Those who walk in your Way,    and who stand for what is right and good. Those who speak the Truth from their heart,    and have no deception in their action. Those who put up withContinue reading “House of the Lord (Psalm 15)”

Heaven’s Voice

Fact is revealed truth Opinion is reasoned declaration. The mission expects listening and waiting. Baptism frees with patience and strength. “I am well pleased” Openness and vigilance transform insight. Transfiguration restores communion. “Listen to him” Leading by example, decriers and defenders are embraced. The victim forgives despite Crucifixion. “The sun stopped shining” The marvel ofContinue reading “Heaven’s Voice”

Original Goodness

Preternatural gifts… predispose our privilege for zealous communion. We are one with God and perfect for each other… stewards sharing creation. In the image and likeness… we co-create, cooperate, and accommodate. Forked-tongue temptation harvests the quid pro quo… and makes us selfish. Instead, we must cultivate our relationships… and be eternally grateful. Struggle with andContinue reading “Original Goodness”


The opposite of hope is cynicism. The opposite of trust is selfishness. Hope is not “what’s in it for me”. Trust is not quid pro quo, cynicism demands loyalty, without mitigation, requiring suspicion and scorn, bullying with blind compliance. We trust in the “vision”, dreams, do indeed, come true and we rest assured, poised inContinue reading “Cynicism”

IV  The Emperor

(based on Meditations on the Tarot by Anonymous) Submit freely and reflect Revelation. Renounce self-serving opinion, embrace the supreme Truth. “The Spirit of God was hovering, over a formless and empty earth” [1] the void – God made a space without his presence. The Emperor has pure authority… not with the spoils of the rod,Continue reading “IV  The Emperor”