Our Gift (next day repost)

The Child came to a world at Peace. The world today is in utter uproar –   “Shameless worldliness, frivolous pleasure, and brutal sensuality are the vogue.” [1] The unholy have the means … to disrupt our youth. Most alarming is their untruth corrupting innocence. Overcoming the tribal demand requires fervent resolve We can notContinue reading “Our Gift (next day repost)”

IX The Hermit (next day repost)

(from the Meditations on the Tarot) In solitude but not alone, exercising inner strength. With expectant longing, practicing prudence. The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie with the goat, the calf will sit with the lion, and the little child will lead them.[1] The Hermit synthesizes – idealism and realism, pragmatismContinue reading “IX The Hermit (next day repost)”

Triangulation (next day repost)

Triangulation – damaging and enabling conflicting and stabilizing discouraging and empowering without regulation – preservation presentation preparation with speculation – information interpretation imagination without manipulation – alteration application association with modulation – communication cooperation consideration