all-about waiting all-about staying all-about stillness all-about poise Doing whatever it takes to instill equanimity. Being a source of a pleasant response. cool calm collected content Making the time without getting edgy or annoyed. Creating a space with serenity and tranquility. Patience needs to be mellow, wants to be unflappable, always bears trouble.


Simplicity begins with pure intention… simple persons do not act deceptively, simple persons act straight-forwardly grounded in obedience and loyalty. “Wisdom’s ways are pleasant ways, and all her paths are peace. Wisdom is a tree of life… those who hold her fast will be blessed.”[1] Simplicity cultivates wisdom… simple persons are not opinionated, simple personsContinue reading “Simplicity”

Centennial Prayer*

O God, We uphold the legacy of Father Judge, Mother Boniface, and Doctor Healy, by fostering apostolic spirit and being a power for good. O God, Thank you, for the gift of charity and the courage to preserve the Faith for all Thank you, for the gift of zeal and the strength to serve especiallyContinue reading “Centennial Prayer*”