Anonymous Trust (next day repost)

hope prompts faith faith instills trust and leads to care so I engender trust by being pleasant by doing good random acts of kindness do no harm and kindness begets kindness can’t we all get along assume I am not a threat and pose no danger to behave civilly overcomes crudity and prevents cruelty yesContinue reading “Anonymous Trust (next day repost)”


The opposite of hope is cynicism. The opposite of trust is selfishness. Hope is not “what’s in it for me”. Trust is not quid pro quo, cynicism demands loyalty, without mitigation, requiring suspicion and scorn, bullying with blind compliance. We trust in the “vision”, dreams, do indeed, come true and we rest assured, poised inContinue reading “Cynicism”


To hope against hope To remain calm To embrace change It staggers the imagination What we are faced with:             Global destruction             Political dissention             Social declination             Religious diminution             Physical deterioration Irreparable damage has been done Can we make a difference?             Global restoration             Political renovation             Social reformation             ReligiousContinue reading “Resiliency”