Alas, our tapestry is ripped;

but, we’re not irreparable.

Woven and inseparable,

part of the cloth, we can’t be snipped.


Fashion glorifies the rend,

the world marginalizes tears.

Separation shreds without cares,

love, though, is the cloth on the mend.


Knitting a patch is not magic.

Despite feeling so abandoned;

our unlovedness is unreasoned.

We are part of the same fabric.


Even though threadbare and worn through,

we must commit to find a way.

Make amends in the light of day

refresh our interweave anew.

Poured Out

The Cup is filled

holding the poured out

uniquely the same


The Cup overflows

overwhelming the poured out

capacity exceeded


The Cup is drunk

one with poured out

thirst satisfied


The Cup is shared

enjoined by the poured out

never forget


The Cup is empty

unbroken by the poured out

it is finished


I left the house and strolled

into the abyss of darkness

that seemed impenetrable.


Nothing blocked me or made me

want to turn back but clearly

what was ahead was obscured.


To find my way through the black

was going to take time and effort

and a different set of eyes.


I picked up the scent of holy

and focused on following its fragrance

as I went my way into the night.


I walked and walked alone together.

Alone With



be not



in the sky,

the moment,

on the ground


alone, with friends,

to mountain go,

and pray with them

in their presence


be oh so happy

and be oh so sad,

submit and obey,

never be the same

woozy wobbly be


Love’s shining Light

in union are,

not one not two

with companions


take care of,


put up with


I’m pleased

with you




She is above the law

and does not wear a badge.

she is beyond the rule

and does not need a shield.


With wide open eyes,

she mocks blind justice.

With wide open arms,

she gives peace and mercy.


Without empty threats,

she feels my pain with me.

Without leaving a scar,

she uses a velvet glove.


True to the alchemy,

she transforms love to life.

True to the incarnation,

she instills life with love.


Being of nothingness,

Force to be reckoned with,

Mother, daughter, sister

Wisely says, “Let it be.”

The Beatitudes

Blessed are the weary, for they will have rest.


Blessed are the builders of bridges, for they will be received.


Blessed are the stewards, for they will be sated.


Blessed are the givers, for they will be forgiven.


Blessed are the searchers, for they will be found.


Blessed are the listeners, for they will hear God.


Blessed are the spiritually abandoned, for they will be one with God


Blessed are the gracious, for God cannot do it without them


We sing in unison, then

settle in to “Play ball”


He turns and squats before Her,

he bows his head and prays


“Help me”, he asks silently,

“I beg you, keep me whole.”


Ready, he springs to his feet,

filled with Her mercy


He plays with abandon

on his toes


He plays gracefully

with his heart


For the love of the game,

plays with Joy


She plays with him,

so, Life goes.


He does and does not,

there is no try.**


For praying with him,

he tips his cap.

Let Go Let God

It’s hard to give over control,

as if, I ever had control.

It’s hard to say, “I’ve lost control”,

assuming I was in control.


I’ve noticed some just want answers,

and there are really no answers.

I’ve noticed some make up answers,

despite questions without answers.


I cannot create solutions

grasping at straws aren’t solutions.

I cannot scope out solutions

best laid plans don’t make solutions.


Letting go takes a lot of work

exhausting and soul-jarring work.

Letting go goes beyond my work

it requires soul-searching work.


In time of trouble, “Let it be”.

I cannot construe, “Let it be”.

In time of triumph, “Let it be”.

giving Her credit, “Let it be”.


It is not always about change;

it is about transformation.

Being one expands my range –

fulfillment is in transition.


Of course, I will never be the same;

and, indeed, I may be different.

Being one expands my heart’s claim –

contentment is embracing bent.


Some strive to make it happen;

rather than obeying, “let it be”.

Being one expands my open –

enlightenment lets me see


The will does not make the way;

I say instead, “Your will be done”.

Being one expands my soul’s may –

commitment engages my run.


Do not worry about saving face;

better to lean into acceptance.

Being one expands my embrace –

testament is a dance.

Ride Along

What is my role,

driver or passenger be?

What to do,

drive or passenger be?


As a driver,

there are many decisions

not just right or left

but forward or backward.


As a passenger,

there are many choices

not just looking or averting

but complaining or enjoining.


In life, I am both

a driver and passenger be –

as a driver, I find a way

as a passenger, I make a way


We are on a journey,

not one, not two.

Together we ride

sharing the path.