Resolve to Amend

I tend to want to fix what’s wrong, of course, the problem is what I see amiss. While dysfunction suits me well, disordered affections must be resolved. Grateful consolation changes me, makes me different, and I’ll never be the same. Accepting desolation alters the prescripted fit with a measured response. Indifference to outcomes adjusts theContinue reading “Resolve to Amend”

No Hate

erase hate – Embrace Peace. For hate is selfish animosity, Peace is selfless Charity. animosity infects and perverts with bitterness. Charity cleanses and restores with pleasantness. hate fills with fear and dread, Peace holds with faith and trust animosity rules with quid pro quo in the name of Justice. Charity stands for acceptance on behalfContinue reading “No Hate”


all-about waiting all-about staying all-about stillness all-about poise Doing whatever it takes to instill equanimity. Being a source of a pleasant response. cool calm collected content Making the time without getting edgy or annoyed. Creating a space with serenity and tranquility. Patience needs to be mellow, wants to be unflappable, always bears trouble.