Forced Choice

Timing is everything – There are no absolutes… There are always possibilities… Choices must be made, though and our commitment complete. yes means “Yes” and no means “No”. Even so, discernment is not one-and-done. The Tempter appeals “I give you what you want, everything you have-to-have, holding nothing back.” Despite the benefit, regardless of intention,Continue reading “Forced Choice”


Intervention much like submission is misunderstood and misrepresented. Submission does not subvert; and, intervention does not interfere. Submission presents for approval. Intervention promotes for harmony. Having said that, I abide by prepared but unplanned Yielding is part of submission Involvement is part of intervention Indeed there are two standards intervention accesses both good through expectationContinue reading “Ask”


A bridge connects A wall separates A wall is a barrier that creates division Severance prohibits inclusion and exhibits seclusion A bridge adjoins that creates unity Communion reports with sympathy and comports with empathy Spanning a chasm makes the journey possible – forth and back. back and forth – life like love goes both ways.Continue reading “Bridge”


An expectation can be misunderstood, and, after the fact, it feels like an undue demand. Incomplete communication… can become a blustery exchange – clueless cross words. The root of the problem is oftentimes a false notion from an incomplete conversation. To listen after speaking is important for being heard clearly, and makes for proper reacting.Continue reading “MisCommunication”


All for one, one for all – my responsibility makes community. Harmony is not lock-step… asks for listening and honesty, celebrates dialogue from all viewpoints. Community is a power for good, always supporting the common good, sustaining the greater good in all ways. Awareness of Presence… gives us inclusion and indifference, allows everyone to beContinue reading “Community”

The Holy Spirit

“The Holy Spirit is to our souls as the sun is to heaven –   giving light, giving warmth, filling with brightness and joy.”[1] Sunshine provides possibility and enables nature to produce beauty of shape, noise, and fragrance. Spirit enlightens and inflames the soul to make harmony with reverence, zeal, and kindness. “The tender mercyContinue reading “The Holy Spirit”