Other People’s Time

It seems few account for being late –

they are unmoved by those who must wait.

Arriving late and blaming the road

paves way for lost moment,

forcing their presence as what is owed

leaves naught for enjoyment.

Starting with making the appointment

should not be done in haste,

not to prepare in time employment

can make for a big waste.

“Available” ain’t transactional.

I can’t restore the moment.

Yes, “attentive ” it’s irrational.

don’t punish or foment.

When the dawdler is unrepentant…

the ridiculous sublime.

goodness is waiting in contentment

for I do not have time.

Being there is an opportunity…

thus seizing the moment,

fulfills my responsibility

to prevent postponement.

Move early and avoid being late –

acknowledge and honor those who wait.

Published by carlfmaulbeck

In the movie "Harvey", Elwood P Dowd, played by Jimmy Stewart, explains coping with the world this way: "Years ago my mother used to say to me, she'd say, 'In this world, Elwood, you must be' - she always called me Elwood - 'In this world, Elwood, you must be oh so smart or oh so pleasant.' Well, for years I was smart. I recommend pleasant. You may quote me." Well, for years I was smart, oh so very smart, I too recommend pleasant - Trust the harmony

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