Helper (Psalm 72)

Endow our leaders with your justice, O God,    our children with your righteousness. Judge your people in righteousness, and    give the weak and vulnerable justice. Bestow on us the majesty of the mountains,    and the fruition of the orchards. Defend the sick and wounded, and    help our needy children Her radiance […]

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Alone Together

This new normal does not resemble normal at all, it is abnormal. We have been changed and the way is different Forced to be separate, I long to comingle. The stress of all alone, makes me treasure being together. I am not alone, and we are not together. A common threat, creates unique responses. My […]

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Change takes a leap, not a jump – It’s a heartfelt process.   My reflection tells the tale – my neighbor’s health, my planet’s well-being, my cosmos’ animation.   That is who I am. My whole is greater than the sum of my parts being one with differences creates harmony   I am what I […]

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Mother (Psalm 88 – 2)

Dear Mother, hold me, I feel like I am all alone. I pray that you will embrace me; please turn to me, listen to my cry.   For my soul is full of trouble and my life is seemingly hopeless I am in the Pit; I have lost my strength. I am weak and vulnerable, […]

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Learned My Lesson

There are no apparent answers, and absolutely, no solutions. In fact, I am at a loss to respond.   What is the point? Purportedly. there is always a point. Some say an intelligent Mover.   If this is a plan, it is one lousy plan. Am I to believe there is a lesson, here? Is […]

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