Clearly, we have no sense of direction;

we are in the midst of blind leading blind.

The pandemic makes me Zoom to nowhere;

I have been undone by the new normal.


God is not here, why am I forsaken?

Even the car says “Compass No Response”!

I wonder how long it will take for God

to intervene and show me the new way?


So, I relax relishing the insight,

calmly moving ahead inside the box,

carelessly, conforming and complying,

continuing with essential business.


Then, I do ask for a change of status.

No compass was starting to bother me.

Directionless was disturbing oneness,

stopping me from enjoying harmony.


Finally, I grasped the expectation –

I must fully embrace my dissonance.

I make a move and reach forward fiddling

the connection by the rearview mirror.


Lo and behold my direction was back.

I smiled with gratitude for healing wounds.

Carefully, I will never be the same

my communion requires indifference.

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