Don Kuhn

We met at the corner

and Don said “let’s go this way” –

on the labyrinth walk

Don mastered measured response.


Our paths crisscrossed often

often when I reversed course –

calm in adversity

Don had been there and done that.


In the labyrinth, the way

is clear and undefined –

a careful companion

Don was prepared to help.


We don’t know, what we don’t know

but we have-to move on –

a practiced gardener

Don cultivated oneness.


To get to the center

requires my persistence –

an accomplished artist

Don fostered my insight.


The zone is transient

and the walk continues –

objectively loyal

Don listened and affirmed.


I give thanks for Don’s presence

in making labyrinth turns,

which need a metanoia –

Don made a difference.

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