Kindness (Psalm 46)

Our God is our refuge and strength, present to us in time of trouble. Therefore we will not abide in the House of Fear, though our minds be rattled though our hearts quake, though we be shaken to the core, There is a stream from which we may drink, We may sip and gulp with […]

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Clearly, we have no sense of direction; we are in the midst of blind leading blind. The pandemic makes me Zoom to nowhere; I have been undone by the new normal.   God is not here, why am I forsaken? Even the car says “Compass No Response”! I wonder how long it will take for […]

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Yearn (Psalm 63)

O God, my Mother, my heart yearns for you; my soul desires you, my body longs for you, I am in a dry and dreary land where there is no water. I am still in your presence, though Embrace me and give me peace and equanimity. Your love is better than life, I sing in […]

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Don Kuhn

We met at the corner and Don said “let’s go this way” – on the labyrinth walk Don mastered measured response.   Our paths crisscrossed often often when I reversed course – calm in adversity Don had been there and done that.   In the labyrinth, the way is clear and undefined – a careful […]

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