Goodness (Psalm 4)

Here I am, hear my plea, O my God.

I feel abandoned and all alone;

I even wonder why you would listen to me

be merciful to me and hear my prayer.


How long, must I live with these indignities?

Is my life full of delusions?

Am I lying to myself?

My Lady has set herself apart and will not embrace me;

She is not answering when I call to Her.


I repent, and I am not angry

I want to rest assured in Her love,

I search my heart and am silent

Yes, I am quiet and want to feel Her hug.


I practice goodness

and trust in Her.

Many are asking,

“Who can show us any good?”

I answer them

“The face of our God shines upon us.”


She has filled my heart with joy

She has provided me

with completeness and fulfillment.


I will lie down and sleep in peace,

for you alone, my Lady,

make me safe.


Next book featuring praying with Psalms coming in the next couple of weeks

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