Parker’s Content

I was impressed though not surprised –

She is so calm and content


Some would doubt my impression,

after all, she is just a few hours old.

They would contend that newborns

just eat, sleep and poop.


I see it differently –

Well-swaddled she responds

to mom and dad with gentle coos

and warmly cuddles


With pleased eyes

pursed lips and nestling arms,

she accepts their care

and loves to share.


In grandpops arms now,

she snuggles deep –

enjoying my embrace

and smiling gracefully.


Sated, she wants to eat.

I comply and she makes happy.

Our eyes locked

and she rests assured.


I am impressed though not surprised  –

preparation works

and love ensues –

She is so calm and content.

2 thoughts on “Parker’s Content

  1. Merry Christmas bff. i delighted your family is growing and the future sleeps in your arms. i tried to send Christmas greetings but don’t think the text went thru. may Parker Grier in abundance and Love. may she know true Joy and happiness every day of her long and glorious life❤️❤️

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