alas. I realized I was praying as a child

and I had to embrace praying as a grown up


“That Tax Collector was a very bad man;

if all the Pharisee said was true.

But Jesus chooses the wicked one

and rejects the prideful one.”[1]


indeed, it is not about being wicked

or being proud that turns God off

it is that the Pharisee assumed

God would be proud of him


I spent a long time making God be proud of me

I had good grades – straight A’s

I played sports well – triple letter

I went to church, worked hard – a good neighbor


praying is not prideful, it’s first things first –

I have to call on God and then listen,

not go on and on about how good I am

or for that matter how bad I am


the Tax Collector prays; “have mercy on me.”

I am Christ-like but I am not Christ

I accept my successes and failures

and rest assured in God’s mercy

[1] Father Judge Meditation on Prudence

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