Woody (of Toy Story 4)

Standing by my friend

makes us strong to the end

despite a day’s wayward quirks –

Loyalty makes life work


Never turning my back

on a companion’s lack

keeps us together –

Commitment is a joyful tether


Answering the call of alarm

without regard for hurt or harm

fosters solidarity –

Helpfulness creates clarity


To myself being true

my place is realized anew

I am what I do –

Identity sets the crew


I am the miracle

and so I cannot be fickle –

Dreams dreaming

and Visions seeing


To realization I am led

but it is not straight ahead

for I must be willing to digress –

Lost and Behind completes despite stress


To be prepared I can

but I know there is no plan

and fearless the journey I renew –

Faithfulness finds a way through


Transformed I do what I do

Transfigured I am what I am

I listen and with my heart feel –

Fulfillment makes me real

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