Ride Along

What is my role, driver or passenger be? What to do, drive or passenger be?   As a driver, there are many decisions not just right or left but forward or backward.   As a passenger, there are many choices not just looking or averting but complaining or enjoining.   In life, I am both […]

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Sock It To Me

i struggle with life’s work my walk in the labyrinth is fraught with cant be done to start     when i vest in the morning i dread to some extent putting on my socks i find a place to perch knee pulled under my chin heel tucked under my butt thus carefully balanced with minimal effort […]

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Quietly wander without making noise, or in stillness embrace the emptiness.   It takes skill to be heartily refreshed, listening is work done with a purpose, to communicate with silence opens me.   In silence, we don’t take more than we need – being present can be a huge ordeal, being present can provide a […]

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State of Emergency

There is a state of emergency – be careful and be alert. Indeed, there is no plan, no control of what will be.   Being emergent, regardless of “supposed to” and “have to” allows me to be responsive and receptive in the moment.   In harmony with what is left, I’m one with in between […]

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