“Just cuz”is rarely for a just cause = like I have to wait ‘just cuz’ your late.   Of course, it could be for good reason – someone else needed your attention. However, had you left earlier I would not have been surlier   I am not suggesting you’re bad; and I certainly should not […]

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Blossoming happens; when the root is well.   Beauty may not beheld in an alien soil. The flower may not be, because the root fails.   But – we can bond shoot with a hearty root – native and foreign kept alive as one.   In true union be they’re not one, not two. Where […]

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The Wind whispers, sometimes softly, sometimes loudly.   Sometimes she pushes me along. Sometimes she pushes me back.   She caresses me with a a gentle warm breeze. She throttles me with a blustery cold gust.   To hear her word, I must listen, for I know not from whence she came, or where she […]

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Q & A

The questions we ask make the answers we get. So, we must pay attention and listen first. Being ruled by the numbers, misses ourselves. Calculated assessment is meaningless   Rain measured in volume and duration makes life an endless series of droughts and floods. Soaked by the rain and absorbing its wetness, be filled with […]

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